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Earth Day!

Day at the Zoo/Earth Day

Emily Wilson

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Earth Day!

What can you do? Recycle all bottles, cans, and jars Take your plastic bags to the grocery store Plant a vegetable garden Recycle old electronics and batteries Start a compost pile Collect rain water for watering your plants Elephants and Monkeys Zoos are important to conservation Elephants are hunted for their tusks Monkeys and Apes are different types of primates Gorillas are critically endangered Because they are so similar to humans, they can catch many of the same infections and viruses They can breed endangered animals and even reintroduce them into the wild or save them from habitat destruction There are only about 59 white headed langurs left in the wild ...it's not just animals on the other side of the world that need help! ...and that's not to mention the 251 endangered, 81 threatened plants 19 Endangered, 12 Threatened Fish 3 Endangered, 6 Threatened Amphibians (Salamanders, Frogs, and Toads) 10 Endangered, 8 Threatened Reptiles 25 Endangered, 5 Threatened Birds 5 Endangered, 4 Threatened Mammals 42 Endangered, 12 Threatened Invertebrates (Snails, Mussles, etc.) in Illinois! use reusable shopping bags
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