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Procurement Training in Prezi

No description

Mel Go

on 13 May 2016

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Transcript of Procurement Training in Prezi

Combine elements and create the layout you need
Download this Free Prezi Template from:
endless possibilities
Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Lifecycle Management
Contract Visibility
& Business Insights

Contract Creation
& Authoring
& Signatures
Combine elements and create the layout you need
Download this Free Prezi Template from:
endless possibilities
Audit &

Workflows & Alerts

Alameda County
Office of Acquisition Policy
and Procurement
Professional Recognition

Procurement Methods Part 1
Delegation of Authority
Procurement Methods
Part 2
Small Local Emerging Business

OAP was recently recognized by the Bay Area Business Round Table (BABRT) for its business outreach and promotion of County policies and programs that support our small, local, minority and women owned businesses. BABRT is a coalition of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting fairness and equity to minority and women-owned businesses in public and private contracting.

OAP Recognized by BABRT
Raise awareness
and proficiency in procurement, contract standards, policies and procedures

Maintain integrity
of procurement and contracting process

Review County efforts
to promote contracting opportunities to the Small, Local and Emerging business community

Ensure a working knowledge
of business outreach programs mandated by our Board of Supervisors

Workshop Objectives
Goods and Services
It is an agreement of 2 or more parties in exchange for something.
Purchases Up to $3,000
Purchasing Card - vendor must be credit card capable
Auditor's Direct Claim #110-50 - occasional purchases of specified goods or services
Purchase Order - formal contract between the County and a supplier, contractor or provider per County approved terms & condiftions

Procurement Guidelines
Procurement Policy
Review bid process
Contracting goals, terms, conditions
Business Outreach
Monitor policy implementation
Staff/vendor training
Maintain the Uniform Procurement
Manual (UPM)
Resource identification

Purchases $3,001-$25,000

If no SLEB or local vendors are available a non local vendor may be solicited. A SLEB waiver is required.
GSA delegates authority to departments for post award contract administration per the GSA Contract Adminstration Guide

Departments are responsible for monitoring the Elation Contract Compliance Sytems in order to provide usage numbers of SLEB subcontractors.
Contract Compliance System
Uniform Procurement Manual
Signature Activity Log
Other Procurement Methods
Purchases OVER $100,000
Non-certified firms require 20% SLEB participation, or a SLEB waiver is required

Sole Source Procurement
The Alameda County SLEB Program
Mission Statement
It is the
of Alameda County to develop and promote
economic growth
for the County in which it serves.

The County desires to foster the growth of small, local and emerging businesses that are able to provide high quality products and services. The County will provide the community information about the procurement and contracting process.

Additionally, the County will provide accurate and accessible information on available vendor/contract
. The County will ensure that the process is inclusive for all residents regardless of race, color, gender, age, religion, national origin, disability or any other prohibited factor.

Program Design
Program Responsiblity
SLEB Program is a shared responsibility

Auditor’s SLEB Certification Unit
Auditor’s Office of Contract Compliance (OCC)

Office of Acquisition Policy (OAP)

Provide specialized knowledge, procurement direction, oversight
Manage formal sealed bid process and P-Card program
Develop procurement policy, procedures and document templates
Integrate green purchasing strategies

GSA Procurement
Awards of Excellence in Procurement

GSA Procurement was awarded the prestigious 20th Annual Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award (AEP) in 2015.

The National Procurement Institute award for leadership in areas including innovation, professionalism, e-procurement and productivity.

What is a Contract?

County formats used:

Purchase Order Only
Standard Services Agreement (usually used for services)
Master Contracts (direct client services)
Procurement Overview Table

PO/Contract Checklist

Green Purchasing
1. Competitively Bid Contract
a. Certified Emerging Local
b. Certified Small Local
c. Local

Purchase from existing County contract or solicit at least one written or verbal quote from qualified bidders.
Purchase from existing competitively bid County contract, or
Solicit at least three quotes (verbal up to $10k/written over 10k) from qualified bidders.
Certified local Emerging business
Certified local Small business
Local business

Services over $25,000
Board approval
Standard Services Agreement
Purchase Order issued by the Auditor
Check Federal debarred, suspended list at www.sam.gov (Debarment & Suspension Certification Form required)
Insurance and Procurement Contract # are required
If the vendor is not SLEB Certified, a Minimum 20% SLEB participation or a SLEB waiver required

Compliance system has been integrated with ALCOLINK and may be linked from the ACGOV.ORG home page.

County departments and the Auditor can track and monitor SLEB contract, labor compliance, and subcontractor utilization.

Contains information on everything covered in Module 1 Workshop and more
Accessible on-line from the ALCOWEB intranet homepage under For Work
Maintenance of UPM is on-going

Emergency Purchases
Purchases $25,000 - $100,000
Non-certified firms require 20% SLEB participation
Non-certified firms without SLEB participation, requires a SLEB waiver.
Services over $25,000 require Board approval, Debarment Certification and Procurement Contract # are required.

Purchase from existing competitively bid County contract, consider formal sealed bid process, or
Solicit at least three quotes from qualified bidders
Certified local Emerging business
Certified local Small business
Local business
5% SLEB Prime Vendor Bid Preference
(Applies to informal and formal sealed bids)
5% LOCAL Prime Vendor Bid Preference
(Applies to formal sealed bids only)
Unauthorized Purchases
Blanket Purchase Orders
Furniture and Related Services


1. Approved Exception
2. Non-Competitive Procurement

Piggyback or Collaborative Procurement
Piggyback: a competitive bidding process managed by another government entity, or by a mutual benefit association.

Collaborative Procurement: when a group of public agencies combine to competitively bid a contract.




Program Components
Local Bid Preference
Certified Small Bid Preference
Certified Emerging Bid Preference
Department/Agency Goals for contracts up to $25K
Department/Agency Goals for contracts over $25K

Automated SLEB Waiver Process
SLEB Program Webpages
Internet address: http://www.acgov.org/auditor/sleb/

Intranet address: http://alcoweb/gsasleb_app/slebmenu.jsp

All vendors in the database are local

-Certified vendors are identified

Use the Intranet when searching for vendors; click on the business name for additional vendor details

Workshop Included Review of:
Class Folder and Inserts
Workshop Purpose and Objectives
Procurement Overview
Small, Local & Emerging Business
(SLEB) Program
Local Vendor Database

Before Leaving, Please Complete Evaluation Sheet

GSA OAP & GSA Procurement

GSA-Procurement received the 2015 Leadership Award for Sustainable Purchasing from the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council

One of only four awards
given nationally!

Green Purchasing Purpose
Meet Board Mandate - 2011 policy
Influence markets towards more sustainable goods and services
Reduce climate impacts and improve employee and community health

Green Purchasing Policy
Using resources efficiently
Procuring goods and services with a lower impact, such as:
- Energy efficient
- Recycled content
- non-toxic, prevent pollution


Advantages of Online Informal
Request for Quote (IRFQ)
Multifunction Devices (MFD) Contract

Office Supplies

Toner & Paper - Auto-sourced through Alcolink

Ergonomic Equipment
Why Do We Bid?
Approved Exception Types
Most commonly used are:

Computer software license renewals
Commercial off-the-shelf computer software
Utility services
Security system
Proprietary maintenance to maintain warranty
Non-Competitive Procurements:
Single Source of Supply
Patent Rights
Absolute Compatibility
Equipment Maintenance Services
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