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Modern Greek Restaurant Concept

No description

Heather Farmakis

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Modern Greek Restaurant Concept

Greek Taverna

In the future we predict that the business for
Andreas' Greek Taverna
will be extremely successful due to the 25+ years of background and experience the founding team brings to the table. Dallas continues to grow, and we plan to grow with Dallas.
We will lease a 8,400 square foot space that is located in the Galleria Mall in Dallas Metroplex.
Founded By:
Andreas Kotsifos
Spiro Trajcevski

A modern Greek restaurant with live entertainment, attached bakery, gourmet market, private dining and off-site catering.
Marketing Plan
This business is for customers who enjoy Greek and Mediterranean food, basically this restaurant is a multicultural venture. In the warm and relaxing ambiance of our restaurant we aspire to introduce our guests to our own point of view of a refined Greek-Mediterranean cuisine - Fine dining in an imaginative and exciting way!
Our attached bakery-cafe-gourmet market is mostly for anybody who are craving fresh homemade authentic products as well as items directly imported from the Greek-Mediterranean regions .
Price Range
The price of our food is reasonable, where other restaurants can be over priced compared to the uniqueness and quality of our product.
...because life is a celebration.
Main Courses
Our challenges of creating
Andreas' Greek Taverna
will be supply and demand, restaurant competition, catering competition and the various consumer food interests.
Physical Distribution
Inventory Management

Andreas' Greek Taverna
also has an off-site catering division where it will allow us to distribute our food to consumers in various cities in a aproximate 50-miles radious.
Andreas' Greek Taverna
will promote our prducts by using advertisments, newspapers, TV and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to let the citizens of Dallas know that
Andreas' Greek Taverna
is opening in end of summer of 2014.
Management Services
Andreas kotsifos Exec. Chef - GM
Spiro Trajcevski CEO
Andrew Chooljian CFO - Accounting
Heather Farmakis HR - IT - PR
Laurel Chooljian Marketing Director
$5.00 - $45.00
Andreas' Greek Taverna
will have an effective management plan to adapt to the various cultures in the Dallas-Metroplex and varying clientele.
Andreas' Greek Taverna
will manage their financial progress report every month to identify the average amount of consumers contributing to business, which will allow us to maintain our inventory.
Our solutions to the challeges will be to maintain the supply and demand to the equilibrium point of our financial progress chart. For the consumer and competition we are able to adjust to differences of the market.
The weekend-live entertainment with belly-dancing and various special events.
FISH  RIVIERA SALMON 26  Seared salmon, grilled asparagus, braised endive, cauliflower purée, basil infused oil  MEDITERRANEAN BRANZINO 29  Glazed with fig & 18 year old balsamic vinegar, snow pea, fig olive oil mashed potato – Koroneiki Olive Oil 
YELLOWFIN TUNA A LA PROVENCALE 32  Seared tuna marinated with ayala spice, heirloom potato, roasted cherry tomato with  Herbs de Provence smoked eggplant caviar, nicoise & basil olive oil  CHILEAN SEA BASS 39  Marinated with lemon thyme, carrot, asparagus, celery root purée  heirloom potato, charmoula, mascarpone harissa olive oil emulsion  WHOLE BRANZINO for two 39 per person  2lb Branzino roasted with rosemary, lemon thyme, garlic lemon sauce vierge with 
choice of 2 sides, served table side – Koroneiki Olive Oil 
PAELLA DEL MAR  for one 32, for two 54  Black tiger shrimp, sea scallop, calamari, mussels, saffron rice with chicken, green pea  red bell pepper, artichoke, saffron aioli, pimenton & oregano – Hojiblanca Olive Oil 
POULTRY & MEAT  PROVENCE ROASTED CHICKEN 24  Chicken marinated with Herbs de Provence, rosemary, garlic, lemon, ratatouille  confit heirloom potato, basil olive oil emulsion   
CHICKEN TAJINE 27  Moroccan spiced free range chicken served with fig, olive, apricot, carrot, zucchini, cipollini onion  tomato, toasted almond, couscous with cilantro and harissa – Hojiblanca Olive Oil 
VEAL MILANESE 32  Breaded veal escalopine, roasted tomato sautéed broccolini with  thyme and garlic, pesto fettuccine, tomato mascarpone sauce  LAMBURGER 18 Ground seasoned lamb burger, tzatziki, roasted peppers, arugula, sweet potato fries ROSEMARY LAMB CHOPS 39  Grilled, smoked à la minute with a bouquet of Herbs de Provence, goat cheese & chive gnocchi  roasted honey, thyme eggplant – Rosemary Garlic Olive Oil 
FILET MIGNON 42  Painted Hills Farm 8oz grass fed beef marinated with rosemary, thyme, garlic, haricot vert  caramelized shallot, olive oil chive mashed potato – Arbequina Olive Oil Béarnaise  NY STRIP 44  Painted Hills Farm 12oz sirloin, confit heirloom potato, caramelized heirloom carrots  with red wine cremini mushroom – Arbequina Olive Oil Béarnaise  CHATEAUBRIAND for two 45 per person  Painted Hills Farm 16oz grass fed beef with Herbs de Provence, confit heirloom potato, caramelized  heirloom carrots with red wine cremini mushroom, served table side – Arbequina Olive Oil Béarnaise 

AVGOLEMONO SOUP 6 Poached shredded chicken breast, egg, lemon juice, orzo pasta FRENCH ONION SOUP 6 Braised sweet Vidalia onions, parmesan crostini, melted Greek kefalograviera LOBSTER BISQUE 10 Pimenton chive mascarpone, olive oil crackers.  Wit h  lo b s t e r   m e a t   A d d   6
SAGANAKI 12 Greek kefalograviera, pan-fried and flambé tableside w/ cognac, doused w/ fresh lemon juice
TRUFFLE MUSHROOM CROQUETTE 14 Cremini mushroom, parmesan, béchamel – Truffle Olive Oil aioli FIG GORGONZOLA TARTLET 16 Prosciutto, fig, walnut, arugula, scallion, tomato on a thin puff pastry CRAB CAKE 12 Bell pepper, shallot, horseradish, lemon, cilantro, sweet pimenton aioli SEA SCALLOPS & TRUFFLE ARTICHOKE TAPENADE 15 Truffle artichoke tapenade, shitake mushroom, arugula, pine nut, aged balsamic – White Truffle Olive  Oil GRILLED OCTOPUS 14 Thinly sliced grilled octopus, marinated bell pepper, heirloom potato black olive, basil, arugula, pimenton lemon dressing – Cobrancosa Olive Oil
BABY CALAMARI 12 Crisped in olive oil, with lemon and ouzo tomato sauce PRAWN “SAGANAKI” 10 Sautéed jumbo shrimp with ouzo, tomato, feta, parsley SPICY MINI LAMB PIES 9 Kefalograviera cheese, baked in filo, baby arugula, Kalamata olive salad
SPANAKOPITA 6 Baby spinach, leeks, Dodonis feta, dill and herbs, baked in filo MUSSELS OUZO 10 White wine, onions, tomatoes, basil, garlic toast BEEF CARPACCIO* 14 18 Year Balsamic, Tomato Parmesan – White Truffle Oil
Along with the expected tradional beverage choices of soda, water and teas; We will offer Greek imports and known Greek signature drinks.
Greek Desserts are a speciality to the Greek native Founder and Chef, Andreas. Made fresh daily.
NEVER frozen.
Live Entertainment
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