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Bullying In Tangerine

Alexis, Sam, Darien, Leslie

Alexis Newlin

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Bullying In Tangerine

Solutions Solutions How Can We Work to Discourage and Decrease Bullying Within a Community? Alexis, Leslie, Sam, and Darien The issue we are discussing from the novel Tangerine is bullying. The problem is evident in many places in the book, but we are specifically addressing physical and verbal abuse that occurs between the siblings Paul and Erik. Paul is a seventh grader with a high school age brother, Erik. When Paul was five, he told on Erik and his friend for vandalizing a wall within his neighborhood. To even the score, Erik essentially blinds Paul by spraying paint into his eyes. . “And I remembered Erik’s fingers prying my eyelids open while Vincent Castor sprayed white paint into them” (Page 263). Paul was forced to get thick, corrective lenses for his visual impairment and while waiting for the bus on his first day of kindergarten, Erik began teasing his brother and gave him a rude and demeaning nickname, “Eclipse Boy.” “‘Hey Eclipse Boy, how many fingers am I holding up?’ … became clear to me later that all the big kids on the bus were calling me Eclipse Boy” (Page 34). The first step to a bully free community is to walk in numbers, and walk with confidence. Another step is to talk to parents/guardians or teachers, they can help children understand why bullying is wrong. This kind of brawl between siblings occurs time and time again not only in the book but in real life as well. Physical abuse has been known to leave lasting scars if the fights become increasingly violent. The fights can stem from a multitude of reasons when dealing with adolescents, and quickly escalate from harmless quarrels to full-blown fistfights and brawls. When these kinds of altercations arise on school grounds, action is taken in the form of punishment but that usually does not discourage future issues from arising. Verbal or mental abuse is harder to recognize and more difficult to deal with. Cruel words open deep, emotional wounds better than any weapon known to man. This form of abuse happens in and out of school and most victims are too afraid to defend themselves or speak up for their own safety. So the battle rages on. When the problem is discovered, it is typically much too late for any kind of reconciliation or healing. Bullying can cause extreme physical and mental scars and is a problem that needs to be dealt with in every school and throughout most homes across America. Our Creative Solution To decrease bullying, centers can be opened so counseling can be given to people that are being bullied. Facilities such as this would be established within most communities and open to all citizens for counseling. 1.(1999)"brainpop.com/bullying." Brainpop.com. Microsoft, n.d. Web. 9 Apr 2013. <http://www.brainpop.com/health/personalhealth
In the video "Bullying" By Brain Pop, Tim and Mobi talk to the audience about why bullies do what they do and why it is a problem. Tim also talks about all of the ways to dodge or counter bullying when the bullying problem gets serious.

2.(2013)"stopbullying.gov." . CDC.gov, n.d. Web. 10 Apr 2013. <http://www.stopbullying.gov/wq>.
This website is used to basically help people with problems with others bullying them. It explains some solutions you can do to help you with bullying. Since bullying is such a problem in the world today, this website was built to help millions of teenagers to adults with bullying.

3. Zande, Irenevander(2009) "Face bullying with confidence." Kid Power.org. KidPower, n.d. Web. 10 Apr 2013. <http://www.kidpower.org/library/article/prevent-bullying/
This article is about the different ways you can protect yourself from bullies and being bullied. This article gives 8 very in depth ways to prevent being bullied, or stopping bullies dead in their tracks. Annotated Bibliography Words Hurt. Photos 4.(2009)"New Study Finds Bullying Causes Significant Short-term Emotional And Physical Consequences For Children With Autism." Blackcelebrity.net. Google , 10 january 2013. Web. 10 Apr 2013. <http://www.blackcelebritygiving.com/2013/01/new-study-finds-bullying-causes-significant-short-term-emotional-and-physical-consequences-for-children-with-autism/>.

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