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Emily Veneziale

on 7 December 2017

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Thesis Statement
Women in Canadian politics affects representation in office, voter turnout, and future female participation in politics. If a progressive world is desired in this society, it must be active in representing all genders.
Women's Participation
20% of nominated candidates are women --> same as 1997
The lack of political representation in Canadian politics caused Canada’s international ranking to fall from sixteenth place to forty-ninth in 2011
Women have shown to be less likely to participate in being members of a political party
Women's Participation
Women politicians are more likely to work in the favour of the female population and genuinely make women feel as though their voices are truly being heard at the state level
Leads to a greater female voter turnout
Feel their voices are being heard and taken into consideration
Men Representing Women
Men cannot relate to women's issues as much as a women can
How accurate can men be when speaking on behalf of women
Advantage of Municipalities
Municipalities allow for women to take their careers to the next level
Can impact smaller jurisdictions
Can tend to families and careers
Eventually leads to a high political level
Still a low percentage of women representatives at this level
Valérie Plante -> Montreal's first female Mayor
Unknown to Montrealers one year ago
Ran for Municipal Government & made history
Gender should not influence politics
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