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consept page for jack and ralph

No description

David scriver

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of consept page for jack and ralph

Consept map Jack Piggy
5 Characteristics That jack Has and proof 5 Characteristics That piggy Has and proof Hugo 5 Characteristics that Hugo Has Sawyer 5 Characteristics that Sawyer Has piggy is Directive, piggy shows this when at the start of the book he try's to give orders to the other kids

piggy is pretty much an adult in a cubby child,he has insight, wisdom and is understanding. and the fact that he is waering glasses shows that he knows the difference from play and reality
jack is am aragant fool who only thinks of him self he shows this hen to talks and how to talks to people.

jack is a leader. is aserts himself into a leader possition even when he is not.

jack is selfish because everything he doesnt getts him closer and closer to becoming the leader. he is just trying to make things more fun and better for himself

jack is ignorant because he always things he is right unless proved wrong

jack demanding, authority, intimidating (quote:'shut up fatty' Jack to Piggy), self-centred and I would say Jack is biased towards his hunters as he always wants to use them to solve alot of problems. He is also loud mouthed. hugo is funny, i know this because he is the one that wants fun and he is the one who makes the effort to make people happy

hugo is clam and knows that has to be done. i know this because thourgh out lost hugo starts to become some one the other characters look up to to know what to do

hugo is understanding and accepting because even though charlie was a drugy

hugo is a happy person in genral he is always trying to make people see the bright side of things Sawyer is selfish everything he does at the start of lost shows this, like the fact that he makes a stash and wont let anyone else have any of it.

Sawyer is intelegent, he shows this when he makes a plan to get the guns from lock.

Sawyer is devious, he shows this by makeing a plan with charlie to get the guns and makeing everyone think he was the good guy untill the plan was done

Sawyer is couragous because he jumps out of the helecopter to make it so that the other 6 will get rescued.

Sawyer is rude, he shows this by talkingback to everyone who talks to him other then the 2 or 3 people he cares about. Conparison of jack and sawyer at the start of lost sawyer is very much the same person as jack they are bothsmart and selfish and rude but at lost goes on you see more of his character and you relize he isnt a bad guy Compairison of Hugo And Piggy hugo and piggy are very alot
at the begining they are both happy people. they both get made fun of for their size and they are both big. they bothare funny and fun loving and are both smart.
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