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Occupational Profile - Photojournalism

No description

natalie ho

on 18 February 2011

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Transcript of Occupational Profile - Photojournalism

It's all about the big picture. PHoToJournaLism Working Conditions Employability Skills Transferable SKills Self Assessment High School Plan Post Secondary Pathway Potential Barriers Future Employment Prospects Trends Photojournalists are usually employed by media outlets. Photojournalists must deal with the stress of different difficult situations. Photojournalists may be required to crop, edit, and prepare their photos for publication. Photojournalists must be adaptable in order to deal with new places and people during their photo assignments. Good time management skills are essential in order for photojournalists to complete all of their assignments. Artist + Writer = Photography + Journalism = Photojournalist. A photojournalist must be able to adapt to the situation - quick reflexes, or patient waiting for the right moment?
Visual arts, computer or technology studies, and business, are all important courses to take in preparation. SAIT Polytechnic, or Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, is one of the schools in Canada that offers a couse in photojournalism. There are many ethical issure concerned with photojournalism, photo editing being one of them. Technology is constantly updating. Conclusion Digital cameras are so closely tied to laptops that a portable computer has now become another photojournalist's necessity. Thank you for watching my presentation.
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