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No description

Tony Roark

on 19 August 2016

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Transcript of Welcome!


Todd Norton
Amy Arellano
Matthew Isbell
Jessica Roberts
Kelly Rossetto
Ru Wood
Psychological Science
Cindy McCrea
Brian Stone
Associate Dean Liaison Roles
Doug Bullock
: AA/AS, Anthropology, BAS/MDS, BMOL, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Psychology

Leslie Durham
: Art, Communication, English, Gender Studies, Music, Theatre

CJ Northrup
: Basque Studies, Biology, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, History, Philosophy, Sociology, World Languages
Faculty Fellow
Pei-Lin Yu
Faculty Connections
COAS Tenure & Promotion Policy
Table Discussions
New Faculty Introductions
Biological Sciences
Sarah Dalrymple
Emily Meredith
Amy Ulappa


COAS Fall 2016 College Meeting
Associate Dean
Doug Bullock
Mathematics (1995)
Dept. Chair 2007-12
Dir. Academic Analysis & Logistics 2012-13
Phil Merrell
Liberal Arts Think Tank
Faculty Connections
Arts & Sciences Residential College
Student Connections
Biomolecular Res. Ctr.
Lisa Warner
Chemistry & Biochem.
Adam Colson
Joe Meredith
Chris Saunders
Kelly Myers
Reshmi Mukherjee
Amber Warrington
Elena Velasquez
Barton Moreau
Sam Richards
Sharon Paterson
Chan Suh
World Languages
Carolina Viera Echevarria
Larraitz Garabieta
Manuel Gomez-Navarro
Alice Pigott
Fall 2016 Enrollments
GRAD: 2,721 (+280 = +11.5%)
UGRD: 15,605 (+340 = +2.2%)
Credit Hours
GRAD: 17,158 (+961 = +5.9%)
UGRD: 193,433 (+4,411 = +2.3%)
Total: 18,326 (+620 = +3.5%)
Total: 210,591 (+5,372 = +2.6%)
"Degree Augmenters"
(a.k.a. special sauce)
Bridge to Career
HBX CORe Immersion Program
3+3 BA/BS + JD Programs
<secret> Coding Bootcamp
Undergraduate education is
... to what we
... to what we
Our success, constitutionally and operationally, stands or falls with the enterprise of undergraduate education.
Inclusive, supportive environment
Compelling program requirements
Visible, engaged faculty
Advising as a "team sport"
Sharp focus on student learning
Experimentalism w.r.t. teaching practices
Program & dept. planning
Special sauce
Work U Co-Op
Service Learning
. . .
The Antidote to "Careerism Blues":
A Copernican Revolution
Final thought:
First Folio!
Opens Sat. 8/20
1:00 p.m.
AHI Gallery
Yanke Bldg.
Access to courses and resources
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