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The Outsiders Review Game

No description

Christine T

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders Review Game

The Outsiders: A Review Game Who are the five main Greaser characters? Bonus: What is Two-Bit's real name? Why do they call him Two-Bit? What are the names of the girls Ponyboy and Johnny meet at the movie theatre? What happened to Johnny when he was sixteen? What does Johnny carry around after this event? Why does he carry this? Who or what is Mickey Mouse? What happened to Mickey Mouse? Why does Ponyboy get home late after the movie? What happens when Ponyboy gets home? Who do Ponyboy and Johnny run into at the park? What happens at the fountain? Who do Ponyboy and Johnny go see after this event? Where do Ponyboy and Johnny end up staying after this event? What are three ways Ponyboy and Johnny pass the time while in hiding? What are the names of the three Curtis brothers? What happened to their parents? How did Johnny escape the burning church? What is the name of the school teacher who tried to follow Ponyboy and Johnny into the church? He's also the same one who is in the ambulance with Ponyboy.
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