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"Shoes" by Etgar Keret

by Edgar Keret

Leora Turko

on 8 April 2012

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Transcript of "Shoes" by Etgar Keret

SHOES a story by Etgar Keret National identity turncoat Shoes silence "Nobody had ever explained it to her. For her, shoes were just shoes
and Germany was Poland. I let her put the shoes on me and didn't
say a thing. There was no point in telling her and making her even sadder." born in Tel Aviv in 1967. persons who turned their coats inside out to hide
the badge of their party or leader, someone who
changes allegiance. England, late 1550's. division "tears came streaming down his cheeks like the divider lines you see on a highway" "Outside the kids from the Borochov neighborhood had formed three teams:
Holland, Argentina, and Brazil. It so happened that Holland needed a player,
so they agreed to let me join in, although they never accept anyone
who's not from Borochov." VOLHYNIA collective memory "Keret is a brilliant writer . . . completely unlike any writer I know. He is the voice of the next generation." -Salman Rushdie. genre realism
magical realism
dark humor
gothic grotesque
global-historic child's p.o.v. denouement "Grandpa didn't answer, but judging by the
tread I would say that he was pleased,too." http://www.insidehighered.com/audio/2011/01/29/etgar-keret-reads-shoes
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