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Esther Thomas

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of 06.04 IMPERIALISM

06.04 Imperialism
: Write a one paragraph editorial that supports imperialism in China. Remember, you are writing from the perspective of citizen of a European imperialist nation. Use the information you learned in the lesson on how colonization benefited imperialist nations to support your claims with evidence.
Imperialism in china is a total blow for us As a very educated european on this situation I say Europe may be destroyed by this imperialism we are talking about. We have enough countries that we can trade with, why include china? We would be taking a big chance with our country. Yes there may be many people in china that we can trade with, but there are many cons to this. China may take over our country if we let this happen, besides china barely wants our invite, why don't we just leave china alone and stick with
the countries we are currently doing business with.

: Write a one paragraph editorial that rejects imperialism in China. Consider the claims made in your first editorial supporting imperialism and use evidence from the lesson to counter them.

I definitely support the imperialism in china. I am a very educated person on this situation. Imperialism in china can really enhance the economy and trading in Europe. If we can get china to take this offer than we can move into china and help build up on ourselves. Of course china will
also benefit from us as well. If we move there china will definitely be more advanced due to the imperialism.
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