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How Great Products Evolve. Panel Presentation by Shanavas M S, Co-founder & Director, Tycka Design

Product Design Days - Conference Programme on 22nd Nov 2012, Chennai, India.


on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of How Great Products Evolve. Panel Presentation by Shanavas M S, Co-founder & Director, Tycka Design

great product designs is it practical.... I need value for money I need high return of investment NO what do you mean by
great product designs produce..produce...produce no troubles... no damages... no complaints How do fewer complaints...
happy customers availability in abundance
better price control
no tension wins many
patents it sells without a salesman..
numbers matters! zero impact on the environment it is timeless...
may be a reddot Can we attempt it ? YES Is it desirable ? Now how do we get there ? understand all their requirements right in the beginning. target a specification like never before Challenge existing ways of doing things believe every problem has a solution Be obsessive about creativity Collaborative to achieve the unthinkable But.... foremost. Enjoy designing to improve lives of people in a sustainable way You may find a great design coming your way evolve? lets find out from those people who are closely connected to our great product Mr. Business-Man Ms.customer Mr. Manufacturer Mr. Logistics Mr. Sourcing Mr. Service man Mr. Technologist Mr. Sales & Marketing Mr. Environmentalist Mr. Designer If i were
Mr. Hypothetical Every one happy :-)
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