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Money Nicolas

No description


on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Money Nicolas

One thousand years ago,money had allot of value and important, but it also had problems because it didn't last long,it had lacked value and it was very heavy for all the people. Some people instead of using money they instead traded there very goods to other people. Some people didn't want nothing because they though that it was heavy, hard to cerry or don't last long.
In order to get around the problem in bartering people invented currency. Each culture had currency,they also had characteristics like they where light and had there values or they where rare and hard to find, they worth allot like they where very new for people. Long ago they thought money worth something but they didn't know. Each culture chose a different things to represent its goods.
For people coins where precocious on how shaped and weighted or rare they where.The first coin was minted 2,600 years ago they first used gold and silver.They where very rough and crude,they also weren't stander size. Later they had pure gold or silver in the middle east. In other country's or continents they had coins that where made of copper they also stamp there worth like in China. But other country's had problems making coins to precious metal, and other country's where just spread out of Greece and Persia.
Invisible money
Checks, banks keep track of money of the people who has a bank account and how the person has saved his money.You can use a debit card to borrow money or pay your interest(interest gets bigger, the longer it takes to pay back) Checks can represent a large amount of money on a piece of paper. Some people use debit cards for shopping or going to a restaurant. People use credit cards to buy items that cost more then what they have on the bank.

By Nico Ruales

Ms. Margots class
The needs of man kind have evolved over time.
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