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The Gassy Life of a Gastroenterologist

No description

Emm Ess Bee

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of The Gassy Life of a Gastroenterologist

Educational Requirements Salary The Gassy Life of a Gastroenterologist by Meenu Bhooshanan Gastroenterologist- a type of physician who
specializes in treating patients with diseases and
irregularities related to the digestive tract.
Gastroenterologists do NOT perform surgery, only
diagnosis. 4 years undergraduate
4 years medical school
3 years residency
3 years fellowship training in gastroenterology Median: 315,038 per year. *as of 2011
Some have up to 700,000 per year. It depends on how long you work. Job Description The Stats . Most spend 30-40 hours per week seeing patients
. Most have 50-75 patient visits per week The Need for Gastroenterologists Gastroenterologists are very important for society because people will always need help with their digestive system. As long as we eat, our digestive systems will continue having problems. Technology . X-rays ( to look inside)
. pill sized cameras (swallowed) (to watch the digestive system)
. virtual colonoscopies (for colon cancer) The End
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