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What did the Caribs eat and how did they hunt?

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Amanda Gaffney

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of What did the Caribs eat and how did they hunt?

The Caribs
by.Taelynn and Tahoe
The Caribs migrated to the Caribbeans they also lived there in about 300 b.c. They lived in the Lesser Antilles along the Orinoco River.There climate was mostly tropical the temperature was between 24 degrees C and 32 degrees C.
When did the Caribs get to the Caribbean and where did they live?
This is the Caribbean
What did the Caribs eat and how did they hunt it?
Yes,the Caribs did sing songs for their tradition: wabaruagun ensemble and ect.They explained there tradition by singing songs and telling stories.
Did the Caribs tell stories?
Did the Caribs have a traditional economy based on trading goods and materials gained by hunting?
Yes, they did because they traded goods:animal skins,food,meat,beads,clothing and things to build there houses.They also gained materials because of the skin and meat.
Trading goods
Was the only primary source the Caribs left behind weapons?
No, the Carib also left behind pottery,skins,fishing nets,boats,whepons,clothing,and parts of there houses.
Did the Carib govern by tribal rule?
Interesting facts about the Carib
1.The Caribs spoke an Arawakan language
2.They were pro's at making boats
3.They became slaves when Christopher Columbus came because Queen Isabella said that all cannibals had to be slaves
The Caribs were cannibals .They ate people from other tribes...raw. but that's not all they ate they also ate fish for there diet and because they lived near the ocean.They also ate full grown snakes.n
Yes,they did because they fallowed there tradition drinking blood and eating skin of of people.If u were wondering yes the Caribs still exist today.
Carib music rock on
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