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The Orthodic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation

No description

Owen Gordon

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of The Orthodic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation

The Orthotic and Prosthetic Activities Foundation

The Charity
Non-profit organization
Gives disabled people a new active lifestyle.
Raises awareness
Allows them to attend sports programs
Makes them more socially active
Funds them with prosthetic devices
Faculties to teach the disabled how to use a prosthetic
Human Story
The Triathlon
The triathlon will showcase people with amputees and how they can accomplish such a tough task.
There will be two classes, one with amputees, and one for people who want to participate
For those people they must pledge $2,000
Spectators can donate at any time in donation boxes.
After the Event
Directly after there will be a lunch for the participants, and donors are welcomed to come for $25 each
There will be catering and music by a guest singer
There will also be auctions
Hopefully Justin Timberlake will come
By Owen Gordon
Celeste Corcoran is a double amputee that has learned to walk and run by herself again, giving her new freedoms like no other.
Event Goals
Mostly to raise awareness
To get donations to fund the foundation and help them with keep holding the activities and fund people for prosthetic
To show that people with disabilities can get over that with prosthetic.
Tent: $5,000
Bleachers for viewers:$1,000
Sports Drinks and snacks: $500
Tables and Chairs: $1,000
Stereo System: $1,000
Doctors: $3,000
Security: $5,000
Catering for Lunch: $2,000
Restrooms: $500
Venue: $3,000
Total: $22,726
I believe that through this event it is the best way to showcase the foundation and intrigue potential donors
People with physical disabilities don't have to stop living a great healthy life, they can use prosthetic limbs.
Through this event, we would raise about $800,000 if 400 people would race, and if 500 people go to the lunch, we will make $12,500, which is an incredible profit.
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