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Who are the Hazaras and Tajiks ?

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robin johnson

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Who are the Hazaras and Tajiks ?

Who are the Hazaras and Tajiks

The Hazaras and Tajiks celibrate Eid al-Fitr a three day celebration that comes a month after fasting called Ramadan and Eid al-Adha is the willingness of Abraham to obey Gods command and sacrifice his son.
TheHazara an Tajiks most popular clothis is called perahan . A clothing that resembles pajamas .
what do the Hazars and Tajiks wear ?
The Hazars and Tajiks main diet includes a large proportion of high protein foods such meat and dairy
What foods do the Hazara and Tajiks eat ?
Robin johnson
Ti'Trell Johnson

The Hazaras and Tajiks practice Muslim
The Hazaras and Tajiks have 2 systems of education . They include religious instructions and informal home education in practical places.
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