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Senior Project

No description

Kynisha Robinson

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Senior Project

Senior Project
Kynisha Robinson
Mr. Neill 5th pd
British Lit

Kynisha Robinson

The Secret Life of Bees

Most Relatable
The character I relate to the most is August Boatwright because she is the woman in the story that keeps everyone together and who teaches that everyone shall be equal and that everyone can survive in the community that they live in if we just get along. She's the person who takes Lily in as her own and treats her just like anyone else. She shows that skin color doesn't matter and that it should be irrelevant to the society.
Least Relatable
The character i least relate to is Lily's dad T.Ray. I don't relate to him because he has hatred in his heart. He really doesn't like to be around or socialize with anyone and is very mean. He doesn't like to give people a chance in life. To him it is what it is and he likes to leave it at that. If it isn't his way there is no way.
A theme of my novel is the power of the female community. All of the females in the novel have to stick together in order to survive in their community. Living in their community is hard because of how the people around them think. People are based on their skin color and not on who they are. For the ladies it is hard to live being judged by their skin color and not for being a human being. They have to look out for each other and stand up for each other. In their community there is no female left behind no matter the skin color. They are all equal.
Real World Connection
Making the connection to my real world issue was simple. Racism in this world still exists. It has existed for years. In the novel racism pretty much rules the town and in real life it rules the world. It's all over the place and it will never stop. There are a lot of people who do still think that way regardless of how people feel about it. Connecting to my real world topic was easy. Being that racism has not yet ceased it still goes on and there are plenty of ways of the world that shows it. Racism is a really big issue in this world and it has greatly affected the people of the community.
The Scope
The scope of my issue is that it still exists. In the world today 90% of racism still occurs. There is not one place in this world that doesn't share racism. Racism has started to get really bad and it is mainly involved in the black and white community. Every time you look on the news or read an article 9 chances out of 10 there's always something about a white not liking a black person or how whites get treated better then blacks. 80% of kids in schools and in college are discriminated against by one another. Today we have more teens and kids being based on the color of their skin and it causes them to think that way in their mind. That everything is based off of skin color now and that's not how it should be. They should be taught the value of being a person. How being who they are is all apart of being a human being.
The problem is that racism breaks the community and the people apart. The only solution to this is to come together as one because with all the people of this world sticking together there will be no hatred amongst each other. For everyone in this world to be equal. There is no reason for us to hate each other because of what color we are. We can't help the color of our skin. Its not like we chose to be the way we are thats just who we are. If we cant accept each other for who we are as a person than we dont need to accept each other at all. The best solution to this is to be equal as a community and to come together as a nation and love each other in this world. To be all together and build as one.
From doing my research my perspective hasn't really changed, but has gotten stronger. The way I feel about racism is that it should not be a problem in this world. To me there is no such thing as racism and that is how it should be for everybody. We may not like someone but if we dont like them it should be for a understandable reason not something as stupid as their skin color. What does anyone get out of not liking someone for their color. Its crazy and its not cool. Its something that needs to stop.
Real World Issue
My real world issue relates to my novel because as said before racism is not dead it is still alive. It never seems to go away. No matter how hard people try to make it die down there always that one person who doesn't feel the same way. In the novel it tries to fit a white girl living in a community who doesn't like blacks. She finds herself living with a group of black females and has no problem with it, but the people of the community says otherwise. It shouldn't matter about the color the heart is what matters. The novel shows how all of the people in the community can get along and be the people they are meant to be.
Since my freshman year in high school I have become a better person. I have learned how to open my heart to people and to be myself no matter what. I have met a lot of people and they've showed me their true colors throughout the years. I used to be a girl who was scared of life and now im enjoying finding out who I really am and who im going to be. I have grown a lot in life and I will continue to grow. I'm enjoying this journey and I will continue to ride until there's no more riding left in me.
Out of all of the teachers I have had Mr. Moore was the most influential to me. Even though i have only had this teacher for only one semester he has been like a parent to me. He pretty much lays everything down according to life and how it reality is. You never know whats going to happen and he took his time out to prepare us as much as he could. He made me realize how my life is really about to change and how I have to be ready for it in every single way and how I have to be ready to cross every obstacle life throws at me.
Most Memorable Moment
My most memorale moment in high school was being a freshman and starting my journey. Looking back on who I was and who I am now I am actually grateful to still be standing here. I have a best friend that means the world to me and people around me who I love dearly. I have been through a lot and there were people who stood by me and never left my side. Looking back at being a freshman shows me how i've grown and who I have become and I will never forget that.
My Favorite
My favorite cartoon is scooby doo. I have always love that dog and his crew since I was little. Everyone was watching barney and mickey mouse I was watching scooby doo. All of the other kids had a stuffed animal named barney, mines was scooby doo. To this day I still watch scooby. I know it may seem childish but I dont care I dont mind being a big kid.
Future Plans
What I plan to do in the future is yet to come. Everyone knows I want to be an entertainer in the music buisness. Thats all I ever do is sing. Singing is my stress reliever my one way ticket to be free and be myself. I dont know what I would do if I didn't have music. Music keeps me on my feet and keeps me grounded. Its whats in my heart and I will always have it close to me and never let it go.
The setting of my novel is in Sylvan, South Carolina. I think that Sue Monk Kidd, chose this place for the setting because it reflected her background and how she was raised in a group in a small town in the south. It shows how the town was and how it is now. She was reflecting on what she knew of and what was around her in her lifetime.
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