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Mary Yang

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of EXO

Pre-Debut & Debut
Name Meaning & Super Powers
April 15, 2014, comeback showcase with "Overdose"
Music genre is Dubstep and R&B
1 million views on YouTube
Promotions will be held separately, EXO-M promoting in China, while EXO-K promoting in Korea.
Due to the Sewol Ferry incident EXO-K's promotions are rescheduled
EXO-M will continue with their regular schedules
Music Video
Xiumin (March 26, 1990)
Real name is Kim Minseok.
Korean member with a Chinese name from Guri
Known for his neatness and his strength
Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper
His Super power is Frost.

Luhan (April 20, 1990)
Chinese member from Beijing.
He was casted on the street while shopping on the streets of Myeongdong.
Known for solving rubix cubes
Face of the group, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer
His Super power is Telekinesis.
He has left the group to pursue his acting in China

Kris Wu (November 6, 1990)
Chinese-Canadian from Guangzhou, China to Canada.
Knows four languages
Known for his love for Galaxy
Main Rapper, Leader of EXO-M
Tallest member in EXO (6'1)
His Super power is Flight.
He has left the group to pursue his acting in China

Suho (May 22, 1991)
Real name is Kim Joonmyeon.
Korean member from Seoul.
Trained the longest out of all the members (7 years).
Leader for EXO-K and ECO as the whole group, Vocal
Super power is Water.
Lay (October 7, 1991)
Real name is Zhang Yixing.
He is a Chinese member from Changsa, China.
He was a local child star in Hunan.
Known for being clueless sometimes
Main Dancer, Vocal
His Super power is Healing.

South Korea-Chinese boybnd
Produced by SM Entertainment
Formed in 2011
Debuted on April 8, 2012
12 members (8 Korean members, 4 Chinese members)
Separated into two sub-unit groups, EXO-K & EXO-M
Performing music both in Korean and Mandarin
EXO-K & EXO-M released debut single "MAMA" on April 8 2012.
The genre for this song is Baroque pop and electronic
The song uses a riff from Led Zeppelin's Kashmir in the background as well as the end of Guns N' Roses' November Rain.
Number 8 on Billboard World Albums Chart.
EXO-M "MAMA" music video reached number one on Chinese streaming websites
EXO-K version reached to number 7 on YouTube's Global Chart
May 2013, SM Entertainment revealed teaser photos for EXO's comeback album, the first studio album XOXO.
XOXO is promoted together as a whole group instead of into sub-units
The subgroups collaborated for the album's lead single, "WOLF," but the rest of the albums was recorded separately.
Music genre is Dubstep with hip-hop
The dance routine for "Wolf" was choreographed by Tony Testa.
First Full Length Album
Why is their name EXO? They are from EXO Planet. The name from EXO Planet comes from the Extra Solar Planet which means a planet located outside our Solar System.
In the music video (MAMA) the birth of twelve legendary powers that break into two separate forces in order to "keep alive the heart of the tree of life," which is being conquered by an evil force. The two legends divide the tree of life in half, and carries each piece to their own lands. The narration then declares that the two legends will "reunite into one perfect root" on the day, the evil force purifies. Which is why the group divides up into EXO-K and EXO-M
"GROWL" is the follow up single of "WOLF"
Genre is contemporary R&B and funk.
The music video was a one-shot shoot with a 360 choreography.
"Growl" is Exo's most successful song , winning a total of fourteen number-one trophies
Song of the Year on 2013 MelOn Music Awards
Byun Baekhyun (May 6, 1992)
Korean member from Bucheon
Auditioned along with Chen and trained the shortest.
Known best for his eyeliner
Main Vocal
Super power is Light.
Park Chanyeol (November 27, 1992)
Korean member from Seoul
Known best for his happy, cheerful personality
Second tallest in EXO
Main Rapper
Super power is Fire.
D.O (January 12, 1993)
Real name is Do Kyungsoo
Korean member from Goyang
Known best for his cooking skills and big eyes
Main Vocal
Super power is Strength.
Kai (January 14, 1994)
Real name Kim Jongin
Korean member from Seoul
Known best for his dancing skills (ballet, jazz, hip-hop)
Main Dancer, Rapper
Super power is Teleportation
Oh Sehun (April 12, 1994)
Korean member from Seoul
Known best for his cuteness, and his saying "Yehet" (expression for cool, awesome)
Very shy, but lively when get to know him.
Closest friend with EXO-M Luhan
Main Dance, Rapper
Super power is Wind
Chen (September 21, 1992)
Real name is Kim Jongdae
Korean member with Chinese name from Siheung
Auditioned with Baekhyun and trained for 4 months
Known for his high singing notes
Main Vocal
His Super power is Lightning
Tao (May 2, 1993)
Real name Huang Zitao
Chinese member from Qingdao
Knows Martial Arts
Best known as Kung Fu Panda and Takes lots of Selcas (Selfies)
Lead Rapper, Vocal
His Super power is Time Control
He has left the group to recover his injuries
The powerful beats are paired with witty lyrics about a lonely wolf who falls in love with a beautiful girl
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