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A presentation on HTML5 for CPT 30.

Brayden Willenborg

on 11 October 2011

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Transcript of HTML5

HTML The language of the web Everything you see on a website is written in HTML Hyper-Text Markup Language HTML 4.01 The current release of HTML Hasn't changed since december 1999 Internet Explorer still doesn't support
its more advanced features Relies on third party languages Flash Javascript Java Silverlight The Problems Windows Media Player QuickTime Realplayer DivX VLC Not hardware accelerated Requires third-party downloads Development tools are
proprieatary and expensive There are a lot of bugs What's Needed hardware accelerated applications Open development standards All-In-One language A stable web environment HTML 5 Provides all of the following... Better, faster, more powerful Now The Finer Details Is supported on And all major browsers... It has a feature called canvas which
is capable of replacing Flash and Java Works great on portable devices Makes life of developers and users a lot easier The Basics The Details Multimedia Supports audio and video natively Smoother playback Faster load times Higher quality media Games Canvas feature supports
2d and 3d graphics Desktop quality games
inside the browser Load faster than flash games Crash less than flash games Playable on any web-capable device Playable on any web-capable device Way better than Java Regular Web Browsing Faster Works on any web capable device More accessible for the disabled Renders the same in all browsers
and operating system Easier for developers to develop Applications such as those on
Facebook or Twitter will be
much more powerful In Summary Better Faster Powerful It's out now In Use Quake II originally developed by ID software Full 3D open-source previously playable only on the desktop was originally rendered in OpenGL taken on as a project by a Google Code developer rerendered in WebGL and canvas
(HTML 5 technologies) free playable web version plays 100% in the broswer Screenshots Not bad... Limitations Bandwidth Measurement of the internet Rate at which data is transfered Amount of data transfered Servers and clients need to pay
more money for a faster data rate Servers have to pay money to
transfer more data It costs too much Getting Faster Fiber optics 4G networking Wireless N routers CAT6 cables Gets cheaper Development Some of the best software takes
years to develop HTML 5 was released only
in this past year Ports Software originally develloped
for specific platform, but are ported
to another one Quake II (as seen in the video)
was ported to HTML 5) Give it time! My Presentation Thanks for listening! WPilot Inspired by old classics like XPilot,
Thrust, and Gravity Force Full online multiplayer Uses HTML 5's canvas feature Playable right now on any browser that supports HTML 5 Developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Who's Using It? Apple Other Guys iPods, iPhones, and iPad support
HTML 5 only, not flash or Java Apple's hardware is designed specifically to take advantage of HTML 5's features Apple cut off all relations with Adobe (the creators of Flash) saying thier software is underpowered and obsolete Has convinced other companies
to move to HTML 5 Youtube is capable of using HTML 5
with H.264 video codec to stream videos
at high resolution Google Chrome was one of
the first browsers to support HTML 5 Chrome remains on the leading
edge of HTML 5 development Google's apps are starting to use
HTML 5's local storage feature Apps HTML 5's local storage
means application can store files easily on the user's computer Use browser applications like
Google Docs offline Can save progress in games
without dangerous browser cookies Make apps faster Vimeo DailyMotion Grooveshark SquareCircleCo Envato Armour Games Yahoo Why isn't it better? Why isn't it as awesome
as it could be? Browser's have other limitations What are those limitations?
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