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Lord of the Flies Seminar

*An in depth look at the evolution of Jack's cruelty in the Golding's novel, Lord of the Flies.

Erin James

on 11 June 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Seminar

Lord of the Flies William Golding Erin James,
Mariah Tennant,
Chris Sutton
Thesis #3: Jack's personality evolves but his cruelty is inherently present from the beginning and it needs only to be released from the shackles of civilization to blossom. INTRODUCTION Major Conflict Stranded on an island, without the rules from their former civilization to control them,the boys struggle with two options:
1) work together toward civilization and order
2) descend into savagery, violence and chaos INTRODUCTION II Jack In the novel, Lord of the Flies, the strong-willed and arrogant character Jack choses the latter. He is the novel's primary representative of savagery, violence, and desire for power.

He has an existing sense of leadership that was instilled in him as the leader of the choir boys in school before arriving on the island. 3 Examples of the Evolution of Jack's Personality: 1.
-He was formerly the leader of the choir boys
-Ralph's election as leader infuriates him greatly
- For the first time, Jack is not in complete control
- He believes that he is the best choice for the leader
- Jack has never had to hunt down his food before
- At first he has difficulty and is hesitant to kill
- It soon becomes easy for him to hunt & kill animals
- He quickly becomes obsesssed with hunting
- He even paints his face and makes tribe calls 3.
-Jack wants to vote Ralph out of power
- The other boys disagree with his vision
- Jack establishes his own tribe and invites anyone to join
- Some of the boys cannot refuse his offer 3 Examples that Jack's cruelty is inherently present from the beginning: 1.
- He one only wants to hunt
- He talks about hunting & killing continually
- He is so concerned about getting food that he
fails to help with other tasks around the island
- He carries a sheath knife
- He stabs it into a tree trunk during a meeting to
catch everyone's attention
- He uses the knife on various other occasions also 2.
- He calls Piggy "fatty" upon meeting him
- He is judgemental and not caring of other people's feelings
- He purposely wants to hurt others
- When Piggy wants to climb the mountain, Jack says:
"We don't want you".
- He pays limited attention to Piggy
- He ignores Piggy's suggestion to assist with the fire
- He punches Piggy in the gut breaking his glasses
- He sends his tribe to steal Piggy's glasses for their own benefit 3.
- Jack is cruel to the littluns
- He acuses the litlun's of being "cry-babies" & "sissies"
- He has no sympathy for the younger people
- He doesn't consider that they are terrified of the prospect of the beast 3 Examples that Jack's cruelty blossoms once released from civilization: 1.
- He leads the boys from being civilized young men into savages
- He treats them maliciously during his reign as leader
- He expectse that the boys respond to his commands promptly
- He expects the boys to act violently
- His position as the leader of their choir progresses into the leader of a tribe which is controlled by fear
- The brutal and unneccessary murder of Simon is an example 2.
- He is similar to famous leaders in history
- He has strong leadership potential
- He has an exceptional desire for power
- When he establishes his own tribe he expects to be treated better than the others
- He delegates commands with the expectations that they are responded to promptly
- He demands that Ralph must be hunted down
- The other boys, driven by fear, respond immediately to his commands 3.
- He is a cruel bully
- He constantly threatens those below him with violence and fear
- This is likely a development of his existing leadership qualities and that the extreme circumstances lead him to become extremely insensitive & cruel
- He particularly harasses Piggy
- Piggy would have been an asset to the group had Jack given him any respect
- His cruelty towards Piggy diminishes his self-esteem and results in his death J a c k savage barbarous; able or disposed
to inflict pain or suffering violent acting with or marked by
or resulting from great force
or energy or emotional intensity
power possession of controlling influence arrogant having or showing feelings
or unwarranted importance out of overbearing pride CONCLUSION Jack's requirement for authority and violence are connected deeply as they both enable him to feel powerful. As the novel comes to an end, Jack has manipulated the boy's fear of the "beast" to control their behavior. He has progressed from the strong-willed leader of the choir boys, into the strongest figure of cruelty in the in novel. Thesis #3
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