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The Final Fantasy Series

No description

Davian Parkman

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of The Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy is a media franchise created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Square Enix. The series is based on fantasy and/or science based role playing games, but also includes motion pictures, anime, and other merchandise wow! The first game was published in 1987 as Sakaguchi's last ditch effort, hence the name FINAL fantasy. But, as you can see, that fantasy wasn't the final one. (you see what I did there?)
What is Final Fantasy?
Square enix released a total of two movies based on their final fantasy franchise, the first movie,
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within,
Was released in 2001 and was the first film to attempt to portray photorealistic CGI humans but was a box office bomb that garnered mixed reviews. Their second film,
Final Fantsy VII: Advent Children
, was released in 2005 and got mixed to positive reviews

The Movies
Many Spinoff series were made for north american release by Final Fantasy's owner Square Enix. This includes the SaGa series, Crystal Chronicles, and their most famous, the Disney themed action-role-playing series, Kingdom Hearts.
One noticable trait in the characters of Final Fantasy is how the male characters have slightly effeminate features (the guys look like girls a little bit) and female characters have tomboyish but still obviously feminine features (the girls are very pretty but sometimes can be a little tougher than the guys). So don't worry about gender swapped parodies, they've already covered that to a degree(?).
Character's Designs
Here are some of my personal favorites in the Final Fantasy universe. Get ready to read and don't worry about the length of the videos. Just watch enough to get the general gist of the game.
Final Fantasy X
I've never played this game in real life, but I'm a sucker for ocean themed stuff. Final Fantasy 10 follows the story of a boy named Tidus who's home land Zanarkand is destroyed by the main antagonist, a rampaging monster by the name of "Sin", he then finds himself in the fantasy world Spira and joins a summoner named Yuna on her quest to destroy Sin.
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
I actually have this game so I know a little more about it than the other games. This story takes place like some 500 years after the events of its predecessor Final Fantasy 13-2. The world is ending and the main protagonist Lightning has
days (go figure...) to perform her job as the savior and open up the door to souls so they can be reborn in the new world.
Disclaimer and cited sources.
I DO NOT own any of the information or images shown in this presentation, All titles and other such items mentioned in this Prezi belong to Square Enix and/or Google. I gathered the information from Wikipedia so if you have any other Final Fantasy or Square Enix questions don't look for me as I DO NOT own anything. Thank you for watching! Also the Nike symbol and the phrase "Just Do It" belong to the Nike company. All Images and videos in this presentation were obtained through google and youtube respectively
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy 7 follows the story of mercenary-for-hire Cloud Strife (above) and his friends who battle the main antagonist Sephiroth and defend the earth from a meteor thus healing the planet plus JUST LOOK AT HIS SWORD! IT'S AWESOME!
This trend has been one of the key pieces in determining the outlook of each game. In the production of Final Fantasy XIII the company decided to settle on a female main protagonist. Claire 'Lightning' Farron who was described as a
version of Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy VII's main protagonist.

yes that's a boy, you see what I mean?...
this design style was also used on Sora (the main hero of the Kingdom Hearts series I mentioned earlier) as well.
One more thing you should know about this game, the cast of characters change with each new title so I wouldn't suggest getting too attached to the characters of one game If you plan on playing the next.
Oh yeah!!!
For all you potential new fans: If you decide to play for your first time and you like a character from one of the games, don't expect him or her to appear in the next game and don't expect the characters from
game to appear in the one after that and so on.
the previous characters don't die or anything (at least not
ALL of them), the series just moves onto a different universe with each game. In fact after beating the game you can do various other things like secret boss battles and new game+ (lets you start the game over with the cool stuff you unlocked the last time you played). They do, however, have sequels for some of the games they have already.....
Example: there's Final Fantasy 13 and then after that the characters from that game return in Final Fantasy 13-2.
Final Fantasy 10 (Tidus Is here with his friends)
ONE game later he and his friends are replaced by knights and stuff
Later still those knights are replaced by a group of bandits called "Sky Pirates". (whoever made this picture seems to like Vaan.....A LOT!)
But even in these cases sometimes new characters are introduced to the series so yeah, Final Fantasy is a lot to take in.
Seriously though, don't fall in love with the characters from just one game.
But here's the challenge: The story of each game makes you connect with the characters....
It's like looking into a mirror! that changes your gender.....(?)
watch this one all the way. It's only 5 miutes.........
Or they might make pre-quels to some games to show what happened in that cast of character's past. To tie up any loopholes or help fans with their curiosity.
by release date
second game
first game
by the story's chronology
first game
second game
Watch, Watch WATCH!!!
Do Not Watch!
went from this.....
to this.
This was SUPPOSED to be their last game.
75 years and two movies later....
Square Enix just decided to go with a cutesey feel on this one, It's really the Just Dance of Final Fantasy, It even mashes up multiple stories from the other games like Just Dance mashes up the work of multiple artists.
Another example of story mashing like that last game are the two Dissidia games released for the Sony Playstation Portable. In these games the characters appear in their more cooler, human, forms.It's like the Super Smash Bros. of Final Fantasy.
if you don't know what Super Smash Bros. is, then take this time to look it up before going any further.
that's all I can say because this isn't about them.
Here's a hint...
He's also right here.
It works like this.....
This particular game is a music based final fantasy game that has music from all 13 NUMBERED games released so far ( emphasis on numbered because there are more than just 13 games, counting all the sequels and prequels and mashups).
What about the game??
The game generally follows the story of a group of heroes who battle to save their world from an ancient and evil force. It's usually a role playing game so yeah there's leveling up and magic to be used in every game. All of the games follow this storyline in some form or another but you'll see soon enough.
No Tidus
No Tidus and no knights.
property of nintendo
FF10 and up
Final fantasy Plot
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