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Jeremy Scott

Fashion Designer Research Presentation

Mary Ma

on 13 April 2011

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Transcript of Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott “To me, making fashion is about creating and enlarging my vision, not about selling blah number of units. It's not healthy to even think in terms of sales.”
—Jeremy Scott (Oystermag.com ) *Avant-garde, Casual, Eccentric, Whimsical, Edgy, High Fashion JS Style? About Jeremy - Born in 1975 in Missouri
- Established in 1997
- Shows: Paris, NY, LA, London, Moscow, Seoul
- 13 collections since 2005
- Collection type: RTW 2011 s/s - Knight Life 2011 s/s - Boudoir Bombshell Making of... *All kinds of materials are used in Jeremy' designs
*Some examples are:
- wool, cotton, silk, canvas
- leathers - furs Price$ Jeremy Scott for Longchamp “Tire Print” Le Pliage Travel Bag - $220.00 Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow Mickey Mouse Sunglasses - $464.23 Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals JS Wings 2.0 - $275.00 Prices range differently since Jeremy designs many things (dresses, bags, sunglasses, sneakers...) All That
Inspirations American pop cultures
- fast food
- movies
- social/art movements
- music
- icons such as Mickey Mouse and Miss Piggy The Jeff Koons of Fashion Who
Wears JS? age: ANY gender: BOTH
lifestyle: luxurious / busy
income range: high income if shop frequently
occupation: fashion bloggers, stylists, singers, dancers, show hosts, models Popularity Jeremy received popularity internationally because of his daring and one-of-a-kind designs.
- imagination - sheer talent
- hard work - witty touches of humor
- ability to have fun with fashion

*celebrities 2NE1 Agyness Dyn Lady Gaga Kanye West Miss Piggy Rihanna Yelle incorporated American iconic pop cultural references Katy Perry - Dresses (*natural silhouette*)
- Tank tops/Jerseys
- Sneakers
- Ballerina shoes
- Heels
- Sweaters & Jackets
- Tees
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