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8th Grade Bites, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd

One pager, Mrs. Vogel 4th hour

Megan Goetcheus

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of 8th Grade Bites, The Chronicles of Vladimir Todd

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: PICTURES Resolution QUOTES! Brief Summary! Conflict THEMES 1. Well, first off, we meet Vladimir Tod! Vlad Setting 8th Grade Bites Author: Heather Brewer
Genre: Horror THE END! By: Megan Goetcheus 2. & Setting: Vlad is being hunted down by D'Ablo and the Stokerton council. They want him to pay the price for what his dad did. Conflict: and Resolution goes here: type type type Resolution! He fights against D'Ablo and the Stokerton council. So they will get away from him. But, they will not be gone forever. They will not stop until Vlad does pay for what his father did. Resolution Themes: Don't judge a person before you really get to meet them, because they can seem totally different from who they truly are. Another way to put that is 'Don't Judge a Book by its Cover'. What the book means to me! Why I picked this quote: #1 #2 Why I picked this quote: This is the sign, that is on all of the books! The cover! Rough sketch of Vlad Whole Series!!!! meets his fathers best friend, Vlad's uncle from a long time ago! Vlad's new English teacher is acting very strangely and Vlad's project is all about himself (Also meaning its all about Vampires). Vlad is half Vampire, half human. His mom was a human and his dad was a vampire. So, life is extremely difficult for Vladimir Tod. But, Vlad's best friend, Henry, helps him in every way possible because he knows Vlad's secret and he is perfectly fine with it. "Sylvia snorted, 'And Vampires? Are they real too?' Mr. Otis closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again; irritation mixed with his tone. "Of course. Take our very own Mr. Tod for example.'' "Blood was tasty, but these were his neighbors. And just think of the looks he might get at the next block party if he got caught. Pointing, accompanied by frantic whispers. 'Isn't that the boy who ate billy?' No way." I picked this quote because it was a big step in the book. Otis told the class that Vlad was a Vampire. He didn't mean it as in a REAL vampire. Just that his name was an important old vampires name. But Vlad did not know that was what he meant, so he was very surprised and humiliated I picked this quote because, Vlad was sticking up for what he believed in and not giving in to Otis's idea. It is good to stick up for what you believe and not what others tell you to do. This book is very important to me! It is one of my favorite books. I love it because I can relate to some of the stuff that is happening in the book. Also, it is a very mature book to read. So the book means a lot and makes sense to me. There are many different main places in this book! Vlad's home
Vlad's school
The Belfrey above Vlad's school and sometimes Henry's house!!!
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