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The End of The Whole Mess Project

No description

Issa Saba

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of The End of The Whole Mess Project

The End of The Whole Mess
Level 2-
How does Howard feel about having Bobby as a brother?
What evidence in the story shows that Howard was jealous of his brother?
Why did the author misspell most of the words at the ending of the story?
Level 3-
When is it okay to be jealous of a family member?
At what length would you go to achieve your dream?
Cause and Effect
Cause- Bobby spread all the water from La Plata around the world to stop violence.
Effect- Everyone slowly loses their intelligence after 3 years.
Cause- The Fornoy parents are both smart.
Effect- their children are both very smart.
Cause- Bobby/Robert was writing essays at two and speaking in complex sentences. At six, he built a plane that actually took off and flew. At 9, he's attending college classes at Georgetown University.
Effect- His knowledge developed so rapidly, that he immediately discovered the abilities of the water from La Plata. Unfortunately, it turned everyone into bunch of simpletons/morons.
Cause-Bobby hates anger and hostility, and the troubles of the world bother him.
Effect- To find the path to world peace, Bobby discovers an unknown chemical that diminishes anger and hostility.
Plot Diagram
Rising Action
Falling Action
Howard Fornoy in the form of a personal journal, recounts the life of his genius younger brother Bobby.
Bobby came back after three years, he discovered a chemical that reduces the aggressive tendencies of humans and other organisms.
Howard and Bobby used the calmative in a volcano to spread it because when it exploded the smoke would carry the concentrated substance and go around the world.
Three years later, it is discovered that, there was another constant about La Plata that was not studied until after the substance was released. It does eliminate aggression, and increase serenity in people, but it over does its job to well. So it gave everyone symptoms resembling dementia or Alzheimer's disease resulting in death.
The human race will eventually die out as almost everybody will be affected by the substance. But after all of it Howard died without regret. His last words were "I forgive you" and "I love you" to Bobby even though he started the whole mess.
Howard Fornoy begins a journal about his genius younger Bother Bobby.
The child prodigy, Bobby builds a plane that actually flies at only the age of 6 years old.
At 9, he's attending college classes at Georgetown University and excelling.
The troubles of the world bother Bobby. He doesn't understand why humans are so apt to fighting and can become violent.
Shortly out of his preteen years, Bobby takes a trip to another country and comes back determined to help civilization.
After three years of being apart, Bobby returns and exclaims that he has discovered a chemical that reduces the anger in humans and other organisms and gives them more calm feelings.
While doing sociological research in Texas, bobby used crime statistics to create a sort of topographic map which displayed a geographical pattern of violent crime.
While Examining the map, Bobby noted diminishing levels of crime centered around the town of La Plata.
Bobby immediately was able to determine that the cause of the non-aggression is the presence of a chemical unique to the town's water supply.
Bobby then isolated the chemical and reduced it to a concentrated form.
Because of an approaching international nuclear war the two brothers plan to use the chemical by placing it within a soon-to-be exploding volcano.
Howard and Bobby used the Calmative (the chemical) in a volcano to spread it because when it explodes the smoke launched into the air will encompass the Earth, and once it rains the chemical will be all over the world on people.
Bobby researches more about the chemical and finds that it causes Alzheimers and early Senility.
The outbreak was too far to stop, and Howard died loving his brother Bobby and forgiving him for what he did.
Interpretation on Title
The title of the story is named "The End of the Whole Mess" because it explains the end of the world as a whole. Throughout the story the author mentions the words Jesus, Messiah, and other biblical messages. As I thought of this one thing I thought of was why mention these biblical words without them having any real significance in the story. Also near the the middle of the story it is mentioned the the place that Bobby goes to is referred to as the "Garden of Eden" and the water found there is referenced to have a soothing chemical in it that can lower down the aggressions of humans. But what it turns out to be is the destruction of the human race. With that in mind you can manage to see the biblical reference here that the "La Plata" area that Bobby goes to is "The Garden of Eve" that is referred to in the Bible, and the water that runs within the area is the apple that Eve eats from. As we know from the Bible, after eating the apple the two were kicked out of the garden because they disobeyed God. They ended their perfect world by doing this, and when Bobby uses the water after three years his world comes to an end as well just as Adam an Eve's world did. That is why the title is called "The End of the Whole Mess", the mess is the world Bobby and Howard live in and it finally came to an end.




Parts of Speech






- deteriorated from its original
- a lowering of effective power, vitality, or essential quality to an enfeebles and worsened kind of state.

based on a situation that is not real, but that might happen.

- to talk childishly or idiotically

intensely exciting
having the effect of an electric shock

- to confuse and unintentionally or ignorantly
- confusing and not giving correct information

ugly or strange in a way that is unpleasant or frightening
odd or unnatural in shape, appearance, or character

- the scientific study of drugs and medicines.

to remove the bowels or entrails from
; eviscerate

- something that is very noticeable because it is so different from what is usual
- a deviation from the normal or common order, form or rule.

a period when someone who teaches stops doing his/her usual work in order to study or travel.

- mentally confused or behaving strangely because of old age.
- showing a decline or deterioration of physical strength or mental functioning, short term memory and alertness.





La Plata




Carbon Emissions into the air have caused serious degeneration to the ozone layer.
The question that was just asked was very hypothetical, it was not to be taken seriously.
The Man was driveling in his speach, he was acting like a child.
After my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimers , he became senile.
After the trailer for the game came out, I became galvanic for it and was really excited about it.
Thomas is planning to take a sabbatical year in the UK in 2014-2015 to enjoy his well deserved vacation.
At times the hand writing was so garbled that it became impossible to read.

The fat lazy man looked grotesque as he sat on his dirty couch doing absolutely nothing but watch t.v. and eat chips.
Women firefighters are still an anomaly in a largely male profession.
Peter disemboweled two chickens for the dinner party tomorrow.

Kevin always wanted to study about drugs and its uses. So, yesterday he registered and took pharmacology courses.
David Cordero

Angelo Huertas

Hannah Lino

Issa Saba
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