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Animals n nature

helpin baniaz learn how to make prezi

aqsa ashfaq

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Animals n nature

Nature! Animals are absoulutly beautiful creatures. Some can be kept as pets such as fish, cats, dogs, rabbits and much more. Some are rather dangerous and are kept in the zoo or in the water. Some you can see flying around when you look outside your window. Animals Intro Water Animals Some animals live in the water such as:
Fish, crabs, sharks, dolphins, whales, jellyfish, sea lions and many more. These animals are normally found in the sea. Some are dangerous and can harm others such as: sharks, crabs and jellyfish. But some are rather nice like: fish, dolphins, whales and sea lions. Original Animals The animals that you can see everyday can be called original animals. Like butterflys, birds, catterpillars, ants, ladybirds, slugs, worms, snails, spiders, bee's, wasps, flys, stickinsects and many more. These animals are actually nice and unharmful, although many of these are hated by many people and some may be discusting. Some of these creatures are colourful and can fly. Some hide and some can just about be seen. Some collect nector and do many other things. Nature intro The nature is a beautiful, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, gorgeous, creative, colourful, clever, great, excellent, fandabidowzi, super, sight. Nature is very clever making all those plants and everythink. Some forms of nature are: plants, flowers, rocks, sand, sea, shells, trees, grass, leaves, wood, logs, stems and many more. The Big, Fat, ginormus,
giant, huge, skiny, tall,
short, ugly, discusting,
big-bellied and smelly
END!!!!! We hope you enjoyed the lovely, beautiful, good, amazing, powerful, excellent, cute, great, pretty, super, fantastical and extrodinary prezi. We hope you enjoyed the lovely, beautiful, amazing, cute, fabulous, pretty, fantastic, great, extrodinary, superb, tasty and gorgeous prezi!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha

The End!!!!!!! Funny ha?????
like dis pic THE END!!!!!
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