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Lack of Clean Water in Sudan

No description

Marcele Davis

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Lack of Clean Water in Sudan

Lack of Clean Water in Sudan
And as soon as the problem was closely looked at,

Water Project
At first people didn't understand how serious this problem is. The world is only beginning to take a close look at the root causes of extreme poverty.
No amount of food and medicine will keep people well if their water supply and environment are contaminated.
The Water Challenge
Many people that aren't involved in

Water Project
can still help. Public places like schools and churches are participating in
The Water Challenge
. To complete The Water Project, you must drink only filtered tap water for a certain amount of time.
There are many organizations out there that can solve this problem. For example,
The Water Project
is a project that gives clean water to those who don't have it. They build wells, and even though it can take months, it still helps.
The Problem
Today, nearly 1 billion people in the developing world don't have access to safe water.
The Reason
The past civil war in Sudan has been a problem. North and South Sudan were too busy fighting, they didn't have enough resources to gather water. With Southern Sudan on the brink of another war, life is going to get even tougher.
That's a
problem. This problem is called water scarcity. Water scarcity is either the lack of enough water or lack of access to safe water.
The Water Project
has saved many lives already. In the future, many more countries around the world will have fresh, clean water to drink.
It's not that hard...
You don't even have to be participating in
The Water Project
The Water Challenge
to help. Every dollar invested in water and sanitation equals eight dollars worth of time, productivity, and health. A simple donation could help save a lot of lives.
1 Bracelet + 1 Promise = 1 Life
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