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By: Ruta Sepetys

No description

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of By: Ruta Sepetys

Between Shades of Gray
Ruta Sepetys

Fifteen year old Lina has a great life in her home in Lithuania. Until one early morning a strong pounding on Lina's door changes everything. NKVD, or Soviet Soldiers, take Lina, her brother Jonas and her mother as prisoners and separate them from Lina's father. They are forced to ride a train for a couple months, during which Lina briefly talks with her father. Many people die on the train ride, before they are taken to a station. They are separated into groups of prisoners and sold. Lina's group was the only one not sold. They were taken to an Altai Labor Camp. At the camp, Lina draws pictures of the places she has been in and tried to find a way for her location to get to her father. At the camp, Lina and a 17 year old boy Andrius, who she met on the train ride, start a relationship. Unfortunately, they don't have much time to be happy with each other because shortly after Lina her family and a few others were being deported from the Labor camp to a different camp. Once, again they traveled for months to their new destination, even worse then the one before. In the end Lina survives and marries Andrius.
Point #7:
Andrius gives Lina a little rock that he found on the train ride for good luck.
The Way out
They were deported to an icy deserted island in the middle of the Laptev Sea.
Angela Reyes #6 801
In the story Lina and her family travel to Vilnius, Lithuania, an Altai Labor Camp, Russia , Siberia, and Trofimovsk over a span of about 3 years (440 days) crossing over 6,500 miles of land.
September 16, 2013
Lina, her brother Jonas, and her mother are taken in the middle of the night by Soviet Soldiers (NKVD) with no sign of there father.
Point #1:
Point #2:
The NKVD kidnapped thousands of people (including Lina and her family) and forced them into trains with no food or water for months.
Point #3:
The prisoners got separated into groups and sold to different people. Those who didn't cooperate were killed
Point #4:
Point #5:
Lina's mother was offered a job by the NKVD to help translate and spy on the other prisoners but she turned it down. Then they offered the job of hand writing maps and photographs to Lina and she agreed.
Point #6:
Lina writes and draws all of the events that happen at the labor camp and on the train in her sketch book. She tears them out and puts them on the brim of her suite case so that the soldiers wouldn't find them.
Lina's group was sent to an Altai Labor camp where they cut wood and harvested beets and potatoes and lived in small huts.
Point #9:
Point #10:
They were forced to work through extremely low temperatures, build there own houses out of dirt, and survive on almost no food. Many people died.
Fact or Fiction?
The rock that Andrius gave to Lina
The mother who gave birth on the train to the labor camp
Most of the names used in the story where fiction
In 1941, the Soviet Union occupied the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.
The soviet deported thousands of people into slavery.
Many survivors didn't speak out about the horrible things that happened in the camps after 12 years out of fear that they would be killed
Historical Events
In June and July of 1941 the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania. In 1943 they destroyed the Vilna and Svencionys ghettos, and converted the Kovno and Siauliai ghettos into concentration camps. About 15,000 Lithuanians were deported to labor camps in Latvia and Estonia. About 5,000 people were deported to extermination camps in Poland, where they were murdered. Shortly before withdrawing from Lithuania in the fall of 1944 the Soviet Union deported about 10,000 people from Kovno and Siauliai to concentration camps in Germany.
In my opinion this book is historically accurate
Point #8:
Lina, Jonas, her mother, and others people from the Labor Camp are forced on another train, then a ship and are under the impression that they are going to America.
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