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Starchy in Meloncholia

No description

freeman fulwiley

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of Starchy in Meloncholia

Starchy in Melancholia
Thought Process
For this project I wanted to continue the story of Starchy

So previously in the last project Starchy had realized that there are two borders that needed to be jumped.

However before a person can jump the border and seek freedom there has to be a planning.
So Where is Starchy ???
Starchy is in his fortress of solitude and wanted to be alone in his thoughts so that he can process what's going on
What's before a Revolution???
Before you start a revolution you have to start at a neutral zone.
A person must reflect in a secluded quiet space.
For this piece I wanted to have starchy in the thinking motion which is why I had paper balls of different sizes to create a brainstorming atmosphere.
The first board was the first part of Starchy's thinking process.
Foam box
Blue Colored Gel
Rabbit skin glue
Albercht Durer Melencolia 1
The second board is the awareness chart of the borders he and his contemporaries will escape from and what the final goal that he wants to achieve at the end this.

Kenny James Marshall
Starchy needs time to adjust to his surroundings at his own pace
I need to take pictures of the process of my work frequently
Beware of all the human senses when working with a stinky medium
In this presentation
I will give a recap of the last project
Transition into the present project
Give explanations on the concept of my idea
Explain in detail how the items in my piece work with the concept of my idea
Talk about the artist references
Talk about materials
Then give a conclusion

Artist Reference
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