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Story of my life

No description

Noelia Remesal

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Story of my life

Story of my life
This are my friends. Here Ana isn't because she was doing each photograph. She doesn't like appear in there. I love them. A lot.
And this is me now. I really like do photos. This are in summer.
And about music this is my favourite music group. They are Little Mix. My favourite is Jade. She is so cute. Other groups that I like are Secondhand Serenade, or Green day.
Well, everything started here. It was 16th of December, and a little girl (called Ángela) was crying because her mum wasn't there, since she was dressed like a shepherdess and she wanted her mum to see it. It was the day I borned.
In this photograph my mum and me appear. We were in the hospital and we passed The Christmas Eve in the Juan Ramón Jiménez' hospital.
I was sleeping. Nurses putted me spiky hair and called me 'pumuki'. I was the biggest girl in the hospital since I measured 53 centimeters and weighed 4 kilos 220 grams.
In this photo my grandfather appears . My sister was catching a doll in her hand. I used to love this doll.
In this photograph my neighbor was combing my sister, and I was looking at them. This was my sister' room, it had a lot of games and teddies.
This was my first New Year's Eve. I had about 15 days.
And this was my first 6th of January. My father disguised himself like a magician king. My sister was so happy, but I just only wanted to sleep.
This photograph was my bautism. Like my parents want, my sister was there, and in this photo she was smilying. It's a special photo as it may be look like she wants to drink the water.
This was in the celebration of my bautism.
In this photograph appear my sister and a friend . Ángela was driving a motorbike, I think that is because she likes too much the motorbikes. Maybe.
And this is my grandfather trying to ride a tricycle.
This was my favourite bunny costume. My sister disguised like a bunny, with a lot of 'mustela' in her face. She was so lovely.
In this photo I'm with my uncle and my sister. Ángela is catching something like a mop, it was a gift and we washed all the house with this. We were in my father's village, Riotinto.
It was the same place but my sister is catching me. This arm belonged to my mum, she was afraid if I fell.
This was me in my parents' bed. I have a really strange face.
This photograph was in Carnivals, and once again my sister was disguised like a bunny. She was so cute.
This was me playing in my sister's room. I used to like her room, but mine is bigger.
My father wanted me a photo report. My eye is black but is OK.
Me again in the photo report, you can only see my face. My body is covered by two huge teddies.
Again in the photo report, but here I got some clothes.
Here I am with my sister. My father is so annoying with those type of photos.
In this photo I was playing. I think it´s cute.
I like this photo, it´s funny. Our faces are so strange. We were in Granada.
In this photograph my sister had to go to school, but she really wanted to stay at home.
This photo was when we were preparing ourselves as we were going to carry the rings in a wedding. At the last moment I went running to my seat, and everyone started looking at me, and the wedding continued with my sister. It's so shameful.
In the background appeared my favorite teddies. They are fruits! I loved them then and so I do now.

This photograph was the first time that I ate a cookie. My family was so excited but now I don't know why. It's only a cookie!
This was my sister third's birthday. I was this hahaha.
In this photo Ángela it's so cute. I love this photo.
This photo was in my living room. I wanted to bite my sister. When I was a child I used to like biting :-).
Again the same photo report. My father did those photographs to put them into photo frames in the living room.
I like this photo because I appear with a strange face, like imitating a villane of a movie.
This photograph was taken in a fair. It was the first time that I rode in the Witch' train. I was scared.
In this photo I'm a tulip. I like disguised myself for carnivals or for nothing special at my house.
This was my first flamenco dress. This photo I think it was in Matalascañas, but I really don't know.
This photograph was taken when I was feeding pigeons. In my hands were a lot of fodder.
In this photo we were dressed with shepherdess costumes for school. It was Christmas.
Here I am in the live nativity scene, I was stroking a pig. I think is a money box.
And the magician kings have come. They brought us those baby carriages in my grandpa's house.
In this photograph my sister and I were dancing, but we didn't know, so we pretended to do something like that in the porch.
This photo was in the floral offer of my other school about five years old.
This was the "water festival''. In the 'Salinas', my childhood education center, it is common to do a water festival, were children take swimsuits and pools, and put it all on the playground and have fun. All day we did water games and other ones . It was fun.

This was the farewell childhood education, where we danced like 'Grease'. I danced with a friend who has false tatoos and leather clothes.
This were us
Here I was doing homework with my grandpa and my sister. He always tells me riddles and jokes.
This photo was taken in a adventure. We always went out with my parents to the field and take a picnik there.
This was my cat, Yasmín. She was lovely.
She was pregnant and she had another cat , that we called Negrita. She was so rebel. One day she left my house and dissapeared. She only appeared when she had kittens and later,she hid them in the storage room. Now, we haven't got pets because we left them in an animal shelter. One day we had about 30 cats at the same time. It was so much.
They were two of the cats of Yasmín. The orange' cat called Canela, and the other was Valiente. He had a problem in one of the pows. He couldn't walk normally.
This was Peludito. I loved this cat. It was the unic that I caught. Someone stole it when we weren't there. It was my cat.
And I don't know if this was Nevadito or Copito. There were brothers and identical. We picked up them in the street. When they were older they left my house.
This photogrpah was taken in a pub in El Rocío. We went to see the parade of the three kings.
This was in a park in Riotinto, visiting my grandfather.
This photograph was in a driver education competition, in which my sister participated. Finally, they win. However, we lost at the second round.
In this photograph I was dressed like 'Dulcinea del Toboso'. The dress was made by my mum, it was for the school. It was very good.
Those photographs were taken in Isla Mágica, Seville, to celebrate my sister's birthday.
This photograph was taken in my father's village, Las Delgadas, in the feast.
In this photo appear my teddy, Rica, a pink poodle. I bought it in a festival. I got another one which is blue, identical to Rica, called Rico. I had both of them in the shelving.
This photograph was at the beach. In this photo my eyes were so green; I really liked his photo, but now, I think that I needed brackets long time before.
This photograph is special for me because it was the first day that I went to my new school; Teresianas.
This photograph was in a school function, in there we are about all 4th ESO and a lot of people that has gone.
This photograph was in Carnivals, I presented myself to a contest. It was called 'Original Costumes'. Obviously, I didn't win, but I was so happy. I saw a homemade can of Coke and his family (all cans). I honestly don't know if they won, but It was very good.
And this was my first communion. Down there is another photo. This is my communion reportage which was at the beach, before I had another one in the photo studio. This one is much more formal. I like both.
And I celebrate my communion in a travel to Madrid! I wanted to go because in the TV I see the giant pandas and I wanted see them. When we arrived to the Zoologic Parc, we waited in the corridor to see the Pandas, and when we arrived, one was sleeping (and we couldn't see him) and the other one was eating back to us. We couldn't see them but we see other animals. I want to see pandas yet.
This photograph was in the Retiro's park. I rowed in the lake, because It wasn't difficult, and we stayed there a lot of time. I like it, it's so natural, and the glass palace is so beautiful.
And this was the journy back. This teddy is Panda. When we left the Zoo, my sister said my parents that she wanted a ted, and I wanted it too. My father said that we should leave the park, and the next morning my sister and my father went to the Zoo, and bought it, while my mum and I did the suitcases. We almost missed our train back.
She is one of my group of friends, may be my best friend. She is like a part of me, an important part. With her I'm happy. I love her too much. It's the person who I'm myself. She is untouchable.
My sister is simply the best, she always helps me, for me she is like a friend, I always say all her, I love her much much much much much.
And my parents, they are my parents, I love them a lot altho they make me hungry. They will be always there, next to me.
If there is a word that define my life, maybe is change. Change of thoughts, change of friends, a lot of changes. There are people that I met a lot of years, that I love them. People that help me, complete me, they have never failed me. They are people that I only can say thanks.
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