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In Search of the Good Family

No description

Teja Gattu

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of In Search of the Good Family

In Search of the Good Family
Jane Howard
A journalist who has her win such papers such as the New York Times, Jane Howard was a woman that studied the characteristics of what actually made families work. She found how meaningful families were towards a person and how the rapid chang of America, (late 80s and 90s.) was separating the idea of home and family.
- The author says that individuals cannot properly function without a family. Family or clan is extremely important whether it be our own blood relatives, or friends so close, they might as well be relatives, in fact she encourages having big families, or support systems.
- The best families are ones whose ties have been strengthened by enduring and "accumulating a history solid enough to suggest a future. "
Summary Contin.....
- "Good families have a chief, heroine, or a founder"
- "Good families have a switchboard operator" - one keeps track of what they're up to.
- Good families are much to all their members.
- "Good families are hospitable" - they are friendly & welcoming to guests or strangers. And are willing to do anything for members of their family.
- "Good families prize rituals"- this strengthens the "clan's" bond overtime because it "evokes a past, implies a future, and hits at continuity."
- "Good families are affectionate" - showing affection is important.
- "Good families have a sense of place"
- "Good families connect with posterity." - includes several generations all of whom have a deep relationship with one another.
- "Good families also honor their elders."
Title: The author is looking for ways to have a good family he believes that his family is not that great
Paraphrase: Good families are good if they have they have the set of criteria given. 1. Have a leader, someone to look up to. 2. Have someone who controls whats happening in the family. 3. loyal to family but also to others in their everyday life. 4. Good families are nice to guests and like to bring people into their homes.

Connotation: talks passionately about these rules and gives emotional connection towards why these rules should be followed to achieve a good family.

Attitude: The author's attitude is that families don't seem to follow have the set of boundaries in which he gave causes problems inside one's family and the attitude towards that is it can be solved so simply if you just have these simple rules.

Shifts: In the beginning he describes how if one's family is not wishing to be connected or are just too far away we rely on a family of friends that "seem to matter to us.... quiet likely they wont." Howard shifts from the idea that friends could be considered family, to, "six months or two years will erase us from each other thoughts, unless friends of the heart.(married, couple, best best friend.) Then goes on towards onto why family is more loyal than friendship

Title: The title precieved before was wrong. The author is not looking for a good family himself but rather is telling us how to obtain a good family by follow a set of rules he has placed..
Theme : You cannot live or feel happy without a family.
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