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Cell Phones and Multiple Mobilites

Pages 139-141 of Nayar's Packaging Life

Jason C

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Cell Phones and Multiple Mobilites

Mobile phones enable 'immaterial mobility' immaterial mobility- the phenomenon where your movement through space ceases to matter; what moves is something immaterial: electronic waves and signals "This involves the acting together of the material, technological, econimic and social structures of the information age" and is "made possible by the intersection of the 'materiality of informatics and the immateriality of information." "Immaterial mobility is the mobility of the information age, where we move cacooned in an atmosphere of electronic signals..." While initially only people who jobs required excessive mobility used cell phones, today immaterial mobility is not a supplement but a constituent of even routine mobility. "The mobile phone's increasing convergence with Internet technologies, movie-making, and blogging makes the handset an interesting site of multiple mobilities. That is, immaterial mobility is the sourc of multiple mobilities in everyday life." "This gives us a mobile geography, where concrete places that one s physically traversing at that moment merge with the virtual space to which one is connected while speaking." Social relationships are significantly altered with mobile communications through creating mobile sociability- a sense of social bonding, networking, and exchange between individuals or groups facilitated through a speedy communications route. Mobility is, therefore, intrinsic to new forms and a new quality of sociability, and marks the emergence of a new cultural condition. In this new cultural condition, one need never be out of the social network. This also means that an individual's social identity is reinforced through communications. Mobile sociability is therefore an intrisnic component of belonging, social identity and affiliation. Cell Phones and Multiple Mobilities
pages 138-141 in Packaging Life
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