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I-Corps L: final presentation - storyboard

what will be the slides

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro

on 23 August 2015

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Transcript of I-Corps L: final presentation - storyboard

Initial BMC
big picture:
visual explanation of our strategy going in
foundations as CS --> foundations as bridging strategy
validated the marketexpansion hyp
uncovered 2 unmet needs of FACULTY:
mentoring skills

I would include CC here as well, since we talked early with folks in that CS
talk about CTLs (and more faculty) here and leave industry for later and CC for before
2 MVPs for faculty
pilots planned
final exploration: industry
intro (characters)
note: this will explain why we moved them from CS to RS, while reassuring right away that our strategy is revenue-focused
stats (interviews)
industry MVPs
industry: learnings to date
Go decision: multifaceted
crazy idea: we do a polleverywhere of the audience before we reveal
Revenue Model Diagram
(overall, breakdown graphically by VP/CS)
summary of next steps?
credits and links
1 min video
2 min video
intro (story teaser)
getting out of the building
early findings
strategy 1: market expansion
market size analysis and potential revenue
faculty workshops
The Experiential Classroom
conferences (around 1K/day)
Exec Ed/ higher end
Babson's class
d.school Exec Ed
map the prev slide's findings into the BMC
getting out of the building
early findings
findings: faculty CS
2 MVPs for faculty: results
stats from the tests
perhaps this is just mentioned verbally, or in the prev slide
expand our current market share
more schools
different schools (eg, liberal arts, CC)
develop add-on products/services for our current customers
enter a new market (industry)
hyp: our VP translates to the new market
hyp: the needs of those schools will be similar to those of our current customeschools
hyp: there are unmet needs of faculty, students or other academic stakeholders that we can cater to.
5 days
5 weeks
5 months
CS: Faculty Change Agents
VP: Value Propositions: Double the number of students engaged in I&E in two years by providing them with a trained and motivated student change agent partner(s).
$2,000 x 60 customers x twice a year = $240,000

NEW VP: Increase the number of Fellows-led projects that are successful by providing faculty change agents with tools and experiences that strengthens their roles as mentors and strategic advisors to their student change agents.
$2,000 x 30 of 60 faculty x twice a year = $120,000

CS: Student Leaders, Higher Ed
VP: Double the number of students participating in I&E learning experiences by: 1. training them on DT and I&E methods and mindsets; 2. connecting them to resources and to student leaders in other schools; 3. providing legitimacy to their work (***)

CS: Industry: HR Manager whose internship programs are feeders to hiring pipeline
VP: Decrease by half the amount of time spent mentoring early-career employees to be high-functioning employees, acclimated to a team-based collaborative environment and able to adeptly navigate the corporate ecosystem.

CS: Faculty, Teaching
NEW VP: Increase the number of courses in which faculty incorporate design thinking and experiential learning.

$4,000 x 25 participants x 3 times per year = $300,000

UIF: $240K
FIF: $120K
DTC: $300K
Total: $660K

1,065,000* total UIF FY'2016 Stanford budget
-660,000 total earned income
=405,000 shortfall to be raised by foundation or donor contributions (or additional revenue)

[y5 budget 840,000 + ( minus 40K stacey) + (plus 240K for FT LBC, LM) + 25,000 evaluation = 1,065,000 total budget]

Initial BMC: CS and VP
zoom into CS and VP that map to the prev slide
2 slides
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