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Patrick Mesisca

on 4 November 2016

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Staggering Statistics
Tips for witnessing to CS
A. Beware of term twisting
1. CS uses Christian terms with unorthodox definitions

1936 - 268,915 CS members in US (NY Times)
1960's - 400,000 CS members in US (Time)
1994 - 250,000 Worldwide (CS Journal)
B. Study Key Words
1. As defined by Science & Health
2. As used in mind science
3. The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary

C. Beware of passages and terms out
of context

Crisis & Controversy:
1. $138 M loss in CS Monitor newspaper (CS Journal, '92)
2. $235 M loss to CS TV Channel (Time, 1992)
3. Church funds dropped from 208 M to 117 M and expenses doubled from 54 M to 115 M (Philadelphia Enquirer, Oct. 14, '91)
Controversies regarding Child Neglect due to religious beliefs (see Dr. Rita Swan's book entitled "Cry of the Beloved"
Mary Anne Morse Glover Patterson Baker
1. born in New Hampshire in 1821
2. grew up in a Congregational Church
3. became ill at age 22/married Glover
4. became mentally and emotionally ill after her first husband's sudden death
5. became addicted to morphine (NY World, Oct. 30, 1906)
6. Married Patterson in 1853 who later divorced her because of mental illness
7. at 56 yrs old, married Eddy
8. Eddy died of heart attack
9. Mary contested and found a physician to claim Eddy died of arsenic poison mentally administered
In 1850's, Quimby wrote "The Science of Man," "The Science of Christ",
and "Christian Science"
Phinehas Parkhurst Quimby
In 1862, Mary Baker Eddy claimed Quimby healed her spinal inflammation
Mary Baker Eddy plagiarized from Quimby's writings
a. Quimby wrote "Science of Health"
b. Mary Baker Eddy wrote "Science and Health with Keys to the Scripture"
The New York Times, July 10, 1904 documented parallel columns between Eddy's writing and Quimby's writings
Although Mary Baker Eddy plagiarized, she disagreed with Quimby about the existence of matter, the role of religion, and the perception of God
For examples of plagiarism in CS, see Walter Martin's book "The Christian Science Myth"
Mary Baker Eddy fell on a slippery slope and was pronounced incurable and given three days to live by Dr. Alan Cushing.

On the third day, allegedly her last on earth, she cried for a Bible and read Matthew 9:2.

Matthew 9:2 - "Some men brought to him a paralytic, lying on a mat. When Jesus saw their faith he said to the paralytic, "Take heart, son, your sins are forgiven."

Upon reading, she rose completely healed and thus discovered Christian Science.

see Christian Science Publishing Society of Boston and www.tfccs.com for full documented report
Horace T. Wentworth
Mary Baker Eddy's mother lived with this man 1867-1870

No CS member denies the following quote:

" As I have seen the amazing spread of this delusion and the way in which men and women are offering up money and the lives of their children to it, I have felt that it is a duty I owe to the public to make it known. I have no hard feelings against Mrs. Eddy, no axe to grind, no interest to serve; I simply feel that it is due the thousands of good people who have made Christian Science the anchorage of their souls and their founder the infallible guide of their daily life, to keep this no longer to myself. I desire only that people who take themselves and their helpless children into CS shall do so with the full knowledge that this is not divine revelation but simply the idea of an old-time Maine-healer."
Christian Science view of Revelation and Scripture
1. Mary Baker Eddy's book "Science and Health With Key To The Scriptures" correctly interprets true Christianity!

2. Christian Science is based on a metaphysical interpretation of the Christian Bible

3. Jesus Christ was a master metaphysician who taught the divine metaphysics expounded by Eddy
Arguments used by CS to support their view
1. CS is the final and only authority for understanding the Divine Principle. It completes what Jesus began (S&H, p. 107)
2. The Bible is unreliable and contains many falsehoods. Therefore we cannot depend on it by itself (S&H p. 139)
3. The Bible must be interpreted by Eddy's S&H rather than judging S&H by the Bible (S&H, p. 179)
4. All other religious systems are inferior and built on shaky ground (S&H, p. 99)
Were Jesus' healing proof that he was a Master of Divine Science?
... small
Are there two interpretations to every passage?
Should the metaphysical always be preferred over the literal (wooden)?
1. The Bible is complete and final. Therefore other Revelation is not needed.
2. The metaphysical interpretation of the Bible is subjective and unverifiable and therefore useless.

3. Eddy wrongly separates Jesus' literal meanings from the Spiritual meanings!

a. According to Christianity, when Jesus teaches a deep spiritual message, he builds upon a literal meaning that people could relate to and understand.

b. How do the following spiritual messages build upon a literal meaning?
1) Matthew 13:1-10 & Matthew 13:18-23
2) Matthew 13:24-30 & Matthew 13: 36-43
Christian Science position on God & Trinity
1. God, Divine Mind, is impersonal yet individual
(SH, p.336-337;473)

2. God "IT" is triply divine: Life, Truth, Love; not persons
(SH, p. 43;256)

3. God is "all in all" and matter is illusion: supports pantheism
(Man is not material but spirit, SH, p. 468:9; p. 529)

4. Use the following verses to refute the CS position that God is composed of impersonal qualities: Matthew 6:9; John 17:3; John 1:1; Acts 5:3-4; Philippians 2:5-6.
* Write your own arguments against the following CS claims and defend the traditional Christian view of each:
1. "God is impersonal: Life, Truth, Love but not persons"
2. "God is ALL and in ALL; God is everything (pantheism is true)
3. Matter is illusion; spirit is all that exists
1. Jesus was a mere human (Divine idea) "highest human corporeal concept of divine idea" (SH, p. 589)

2. Jesus is the son of God like mortals but not God the Son (SH, p. 361)

3. Jesus was not the Christ

a. "Jesus is a human man and Christ the divine idea"... "Jesus is not the Christ" (SH, p. 589)

b. Jesus cannot be the Christ and never claimed to be. Jesus was fallible, Christ is infallible (Misc Writings, p. 84)

c. Jesus is not really important because it makes no difference whether he ever lived (Misc Writings, p. 84)
CHRISTIAN REFUTATION: Use the following passages to construct an argument against the CS view of Jesus: Matthew 1:23; Philippians 2:7-8; Colossians 2:9;
Matt. 26:63-65; Mark 14:61-64; Luke 4:21; John 1:14; John 4:25; John 11:25-27; John 8:24; John 11:25; John 14:6; John 15:1,5; John 2:19; Hebrews 4:15 use other verses if you wish...
1. Man is spiritual not material (SH, 114-115; 302;591)

2. Man does not sin because sin is unreal (SH, 475)

3. Man is part of God because God is ALL (SH p. 475)
Refutation of CS view of Mankind
1. Man is spiritual and physical
a. substance dualism
(CCWV pp. 60-63; 67-70)
2. Man is a sinner in action and nature
a. If we deny our sinfulness, we are self-deceived (1 John 1:8)
3. Finite man cannot be part of the infinite God
a. All in all is pantheism from Hinduism not Christianity
b. The Bible distinguishes between Creator God and His creation
1. Jesus did not die on a cross
a. "There is no such thing as death. Death is an unreal illusion of mortal mind" (SH, p. 584)
2. There was no bodily resurrection of Jesus
a. There could be no literal, physical resurrection because there is no physical death (SH, pp. 73; 291)
3. The disciples were mistaken when they thought that Jesus had died
a. When Jesus spoke about his resurrected body as "flesh and bones" he was merely accommodating himself to their immature spiritual ideas (SH, p. 593)
Refutation of CS view:
What evidence can you provide to prove that Jesus died on the cross?

What evidence can you provide to demonstrate that Jesus Christ resurrected bodily from the dead?
1. Sin, Matter, disease, and death are unreal and illusions (SH, p. 327)

2. All will be saved because nothing exists except God and His ideas; there is no eternal hell (SH, p. 291;588)

3. Salvation is being saved from the error of thinking that sin, sickness, and death exist (SH, p. 593)

4. Jesus is merely a WAY-Shower to salvation, he did not pay for our sins on a cross (SH, p. 30, 46, 288, 497)

5. We must save ourselves, no one else can (SH, p. 22-23)

6. Read definitions of heaven, hell, salvation, death, and devil from Glossary in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.
Arguments FOR the bodily resurrection of Jesus
1. The Transformation of the lives of Jesus' disciples within three days of his death
2. The reliability of the biblical accounts by eye witness testimony
3. The presence of a Christian church today given historical persecution and the practices of the Church that deliberately reflect a celebration of Jesus' death
4. The empty tomb/missing body of Jesus Christ
5. No good arguments or reasons to explain away the empty tomb apart from the resurrection of Jesus (What are the alternatives?)
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