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The Butler Model

No description

A. Bartlam

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Butler Model

The Butler Model We Are Learning To: understand the life-cycle of a tourist resort through the Butler model
draw the Butler model and use it to exemplify the evolution of Blackpool A B C D E F The Butler Model 1. Exploration A settlement is 'explored' or 'discovered' by a small number of people who may be attracted by something in particular. Information about the place begins to spread by word of mouth. 2. Involvement 3. Development More tourists arrive having heard about the place for example from articles in travel supplements in papers, brochures or tourist guides. The extra visitors attracted by the publicity will lead to investment from larger companies who will build new hotels, restaurants, shops and services to cater for the dramatic rise in the number of tourists. 4. Consolidation Tourism becomes a major part of the local economy. The number of visitors is no longer rising as dramatically and becomes steady, making employment more secure. Some facilities become degraded and the clientele of the region may go downmarket. 5. Stagnation The destination becomes unfashionable and visitor numbers decline. Businesses will begin to change hands and some will fail. 6. Rejuvination 6. Decline Visitors no longer wish to visit, preferring other resorts instead. People may only visit now for day trips or weekends. In time more people visit and local people seize the new economic opportunities and provide services (for example accommodation, food, transport, tour guides) to meet the needs of the visitors. Attempts are made to modernise the resort and attract a new kind of clientelle. Put these photos in chronological order
Where do you think these photos were taken?
What year do you think each photo was taken in?
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