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Text 6- "Glory Glory Be to Chocolate"

No description

Anisha Ahmed

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Text 6- "Glory Glory Be to Chocolate"

Text 6- "Glory Glory Be to Chocolate"
By Anisha Ahmed

Poem sort of relates to religion?
A set of semantic fields which are continuously used which shows that religion is sort of involved are words such as "manifestation" which suggests the idea that there are many ways in which chocolate may be enjoyed.
Summary and Opinon...
Overall the poem is about the different opinions people have based upon chocolate and the many temptations which occur. My overall opinion about this poem would be that John Agard has presented this poem in a very interesting way of everyones opinion about chocolate and the wording had really kept me more interested in finishing the poem. Overall I really enjoyed reading the poem.
What is Text 6 about?
"Mouth watering bars"
The use of connotations in the quote "mouth watering bars" tells the audience about the temptation of eating on of these delicious chocolate bars, as well as that the description of the chocolate bars would make the mouths of the audience water and tempt them to have one.
As well as just that Agard also uses words such as "ring the tastebud bells", "sin" and "god".
The poem has five stanzas which all contain 3 lines each, which is then followed by another three line stanza which is put into a couplet and the single line is there to emphasise the final message of the poem.
"Candies cookies"
The use of personification in the quote "candies cookies" tells the audience how they are taking form of little demons to tempt the eater even more to eat a whole batch!
Glory Glory Be to Chocolate is a short poem which is based on the idea's that chocolate is a sort of food which is so delicious that it is sometimes seen to be wrong, John Agard establishes that this poem has some profound cultural implications.
The subtitle of "NAUGHTY BUT NICE" is a representation of how sin and pleasure contrasts with each other. John Agard must've used this to show the contrast between how chocolate can be.

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