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Welcome to Phantom Lake YMCA Camp

No description

Phantomlake Ymcacamp

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to Phantom Lake YMCA Camp

To start, let us introduce ourselves. What do people say about Phantom Lake YMCA Camp? PLYC has an excellent safety record, The Phantom Experience provides opportunities for campers to grow, builds community that generate lifelong friendships and memories, and remains one of the best camps in the world. The Phantom Experience is made possible by the talented staff that are dedicated to improving
camper and parent satisfaction year in and year out. It reads: There is a sign that hangs in our Sometimes the best way to figure out who you are is to get to a place where you don't have to be anything else. Dining Hall A Brief History: PLYC Often times, Phantom Lake YMCA Camp A Brief History PLYC Videos This is exemplary of our program's commitment to give our campers the chance to build confidence while meeting new people and sharing new experiences. In 1896, a group of boys from the YMCA in Milwaukee came to camp in an area near Phantom Lake. To learn more about PLYC's history visit: http://www.phantomlakeymca.org/history.html The story goes... One night, campers and staff gathered in the old sheep barn. While the counselors paged through the Bible looking for an appropriate verse, the campers grabbed sticks and scratched into the dirt floor, trying to come up with a symbol that would represent their time at camp.

After many ideas and some discussion, the symbol that they decided upon was the Phantom Square and the verse they decided upon was Luke 2:52,

"and Jesus increased in wisdom, and stature, and in favor with God and man." To learn more about PLYC's history http://www.phantomlakeymca.org/aboutphantom.html The Phantom Square The Square has four sides to go with the four parts of the verse. Each side is equal because each person strives to grow evenly in all four sides of the Square while they are at camp. The Phantom Square The center of the Square, is the Greek letter "phi" for "Phantom." If you look at the center of the letter, you see a circle.

The circle represents a wheel at camp. The Wheel There are many parts to a wheel and
each effectively represents a part of
the Phantom Experience. The Hub : The Phantom Spirit "there is no limit to the places we can go together." The Rim : The Staff The Spokes : The Campers If we had the rim and just the hub, the wheel wouldn't work very well, but when we add the campers, then our wheel is complete, and Phantom Lake Of our favorite place in the world.... YMCA Camp Wanna take a REAL LIFE tour? Saturday, April 27th
Saturday, May 18th
Saturday, June 1st Contact PLYC for details. Call to schedule a private tour of camp or make arrangements to visit camp during one of three Camp Open House Events. Parent Comments Happy Parents Camper Parent "I had no problem leaving my kid
with a bunch of strangers for the week, which is so not commonplace these days! Thanks for giving our camper the opportunity to experience PLYC.
Congrats on a job well done!" Camper Parent "Once again, our daughter came
home from camp wondering when
she could go back and proposing that
she stay longer next year.

Thanks for giver her such
a great experience!" Camper Parent "Check-in was a breeze, his counselors
and the other campers all were terrific.
Though the heat was a big concern for me, my camper came home healthy, energized and happy." Alumni Comments Hear from our former campers, junior counselors, and staff. Camper "Looking back on my life...
There is no better positive influence
on my life than camp." 2001-2005 Camper "The skills I gained at camp
have helped me throughout
my adolescence. 2009-2012 The memories and friendships
I made at camp, remain." Camper
"The place was beautiful, but that
was secondary to the friendships and memories that I made during my time
at Phantom Lake YMCA Camp." 1977-1979 2012 Campers Hear from last year's campers. Camper Looking back on my life...
There is no better positive influence
on my life than camp. 2012 Camper Looking back on my life...
There is no better positive influence
on my life than camp. 2012 Camper "I had a lot of fun during my first year because I was AMAZED at all the activities. 2012 My third year I realized that camp is not necessarily about the activities, but rather about the people and the relationships
and I had a really great year at camp!" My second year was looking for that fun
in the activities, but didn't quite find it because
I was already familiar with all the activities
and structure of camp. The summer staff represent the heart of Phantom Lake YMCA Camp. The PLYC Summer Staff A couple of things we think
we know about you... 1. You are probably a parent. 2. You are looking for a summer camp. 3. You may never heard of Great Phantom Lake YMCA Camp has to offer. Well, here's our opportunity to show some of the things YOUR FAMILY YMCA Camp Phantom Lake we shorten our name from Give us 5 minutes... and we'll share these with you. A Camp Tour * Staff Video And... At the end of the presentation, we'll introduce you to one of our favorite staff She is one of our year-round staff and will be able to answer any further questions and help you register for the 2013 summer! CAROLYN and an introduction to the PLYC Staff Registration 2
3 Information * Summer 2012 Video Incredible For over 116 years, campers have enjoyed the traditional summer camp experience along the shores of Phantom Lake at Phantom Lake YMCA Camp.

The inaugural group of boys and counselors are an integral part of our camp origin. The question is... What do you want to see first? The Zip Line is more than just a ride...
it builds confidence and self-esteem for all that try it.
Staff support campers every inch of the way! The Zip Line How about... Kids having fun. Or should we start somewhere a bit
more exciting... Like the Zip Line? The Waterfront Let's start with On a scale of 1 - 10 I'm having THIS much fun at camp! At our camp we do more than just have fun. Most camps have
the "fun" photos... our staff teaches. At Phantom Lake YMCA Camp, At Phantom Lake YMCA Camp, our staff cares. Phantom Lake It's worth noting that YMCA Camp is nestled on 72 acres, over a 1/2 mile of shoreline of beautiful Kettle Moraine forest, marshland, and native prairie and of beautiful Kettle Morraine forest, marshland, and native prairie and on Upper Phantom Lake Swimming This area is popular throughout the summer offering unique staff led programs and activities. A certified lifeguard and other appropriate
PLYC staff must be present prior to opening
any waterfront activities. Synchronized Swimming Raft Building Swim Evaluations The PLYC Lifeguard is actively watching the campers during their swim evaluation. Boating Area The boating area offers canoeing, sea-kayaking, sit-on-top kayaking, sailing, and use of the aqua trampoline. Sailing Aqua Trampoline
Staff instructing lessons remain diligent when
it comes to safety and all staff are trained
in the waterfront emergency procedures. Dining Hall A meal at camp is as delicious and nutritious as a meal at home. Camp has many traditions and it's common to find campers and staff singing songs and dancing within the Dining Hall, after the duties of the meal are complete. Dining Hall If you take a look here, you'll see staff members singing a song at the top of their lungs. The energy is highly contagious. Alford Lodge The historic Alford Lodge is a hub for many camp activities. The main floor houses the Mercantile (the Camp Store), two large fireplaces, the camp offices, and the stage for skits and performances. Mercantile The Merc offers healthy snacks, camp apparel, and merchandise. Interior of Alford Lodge All camp programs and day camp family night often happen within the confines of the Lodge. This meeting space is rustic and comfortable. It is a building that feels as it did when it was first constructed back in 1928. Porches The Lodge has two main porches that are used by campers and staff alike. They are places to congregate and relax. These areas are venues for conversation, story telling, and even music. Climbing Wall We "boulder" at camp. Bouldering is a style of rock climbing undertaken without the use of a rope.
All participants wear helmets and have a spotter with them as they maneuver around the wall. Craft Shop Arts and crafts are fun and enriching programs at camp. Campers that love arts and crafts will find themselves spending their free time in the Craft Shop, which is located in the basement of the Alford Lodge. Craft Shop 3D Art, 2D Art, lanyard making, candle making, mural painting are some of the programs offered in the Craft Shop. GaGa GaGa is played in a large octagon called

Camp built our very own GaGa Pit a few years back and it's become one of camp's most popular activities. It was constructed using repurposed lumber from the old camp cabins. GaGa The game is played with a soft ball and is a safe and fun variation on dodgeball. The Athletic Field The A-Field is a multi-purpose field for activities ranging from soccer, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and Chicago-style softball. The A-Field is paired with a sand volleyball court. Target Sports Camp offers target sports instruction for archery and BB gun riflery. Instructors are certified in these programs and offer opportunities to expand on target sport safety, build skills, and practice with the purpose to improve. Archery It's a program that is rich in tradition and is popular as ever due to the success of the Hunger Games franchise. Riflery Riflery instruction is based on identifying the components of the equipment while highlighting the safety expectations throughout. Health Lodge The Health Lodge is staffed by PLYC's Health Intern and a volunteer Registered Nurse. Medications are administered by the health staff for campers at meals and in the evening per doctors orders. All medications are stored in the Health Lodge under lock and key. In addition, the health staff are trained and prepared to administer oxygen, AED, and begin care in the event of an emergency. Patient Care Campers are given the care they need to enjoy their summer camp session. Health staff also educate and remind staff about hydration, common illness, and treatments administered to improve the camper experience. The Health Lodge is an
air conditioned facility. Medications and health forms are reviewed by both the parent/guardian and the health staff at check in. Carman Welcome Center The CWC is a facility that houses a shower house and storm shelter in the basement. The upstairs of the facility is under construction and will be the new home to our camp offices, a PLYC museum, and a large indoor space for use throughout the year. Sports Courts Primarily used for basketball, the sports courts are a multi-use program area. Kickball, four-square, and activity variations often happen at this facility. Camfire Hill Campers congregate here for all camp programs and campfires. The view of the lake from Campfire Hill reminds us that this place, the staff, and the campers contribute to the Phantom Experience. If you made it this far... Congratulations! There's a lot of information in the past slides and we don't expect you to remember everything. You're probably wondering... How do I sign up? The easiest is to give PLYC a call It's our first opportunity to connect with you and (262) 363-4386 It's not a coincidence that Camp's phone number translates to (262) 363- 4 F U N C H A T C A M P. ...especially if you're NEW to camp. 1. You may also visit our website www.phantomlakeymca.org 2. Click SIGN UP and follow the instructions. Call camp if you have any questions. CHILDREN
+ P.L.Y.C Camp is a highlight of her summer. to Phenomenal Let's get started by watching the 2012 End of Summer Video You're welcome to skip the video and scroll back to watch it later. Pretty cool, huh? This video captures the energy and spirit of the Phantom Experience each and every summer. Let's jump right in and
learn about the history of PLYC.
Then we'll embark on a CAMP TOUR. Wisdom God Man Stature We are a special place rooted in tradition, accepting to all, deeply committed to impacting the lives and of those that share in the Phantom Experience. Traditional Unique Fantastic Without further adieu... Let's take a tour "Let's go to the waterfront!" Campers young and old enjoy
activities cooling off down on the lake. Greasy Watermelon This variation on water polo replaces the ball with a grease covered watermelon.

Teams must escort the ball across a line in the bay swimming area.

Oh yeah, it's worth mentioning that WATERMELONS FLOAT! This is a PLYC favorite! All campers, junior counselors, and staff must complete a swim evaluation before participating in any and all waterfront activities. We take our waterfront very seriously and
THE LIFEGUARD'S WORD IS LAW. Every person that enters boating is fitted and required to wear a personal flotation device. Canoeing & Kayaking All waterfront activities are supervised
with the highest care and caution. in the Dining Hall Dancing Dancing has been apart of the Dining Hall for many years, it's a great way to pass the time between the
end of the meal and announcements. Families may add money to camp store accounts before campers attend their session. Since every camper has a camp store account, that means there's no need for cash. Exterior of Alford Lodge The Alford Lodge is a building with character that charms children with it's history. It's not uncommon to see Pinterest craft projects down in the Craft Shop. THE GAGA PIT Feel free to find us on https://www.facebook.com/plycpage Click here to "LIKE" our page. Or check out our vidoes at http://www.youtube.com/user/phantomlakeymca Click here to visit our page. Or follow us on http://instagram.com/phantomlakeymca/ Click here to visit our Instagram page. beginning of a We think this may be the friendship. beautiful Phantom Lake Welcome to YMCA Camp Established 1896 Phantom Lake We are YMCA Camp Established 1896 If you have a question about Camp, the year round staff will have the answers. Year Round Staff There are a couple of options... What now? Option 1 of 4
You can keep learning about camp by taking a virtual tour of Phantom Lake YMCA Camp. Option 2 of 4
You can pick up your phone and call camp at (262) 363-4386.
Business Hours: 8AM - 4PM Option 3 of 4
Find us in the social media world. Option 4 of 4
Register right now by visiting
http://www.phantomlakeymca.org/registration.html There are only 4 more slides.
These slides should help you determine "What's next?" It was very nice to meet you. It may look like this outside... but we're thinking about the summer! The privilege to call ourselves the 2nd Oldest YMCA Camp in the nation.
Rooted in tradition.

We have YMCA Camp Established 1896
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