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Español 2- Capítulo 4 y 5

No description

Jen Prouty

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Español 2- Capítulo 4 y 5

Ready for the Examen de español de Capítulo 4 y 5?
Let's visualize each of the daily goals we have worked on up until this point.....
I can talk about sports.
I can use the verb "IR"
I can talk about leisure time activities in Spanish.
I'm ready!
Test me
I need a little
more practice
I'm lost!
of it
Ready for the
Examen de español

is the time for
you to study

to study.
I can talk about when & where activities occur.
I can invite, accept & decline invitations.
I can talk about family.
I can describe activities at parties
I can indicate possession or relationship
click here for the hip hop song......
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