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Family Math Night

Title 1 Parent Involvement and EDM Family Math Night Clas

Elizabeth Jones

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Family Math Night

September 20, 2012 Family Math Night Objective 1: Parents will leave math night knowing the 5 math standards that are the basis of their child's math education Objective 2: Leslie and Elizabeth will still be sane on September 21, 2012 Families participated in activities in Data Probability and Analysis, Measurement, Numbers and Computation, Geometry, and Functions and Relationships.
Each Standard area had an activity for primary students and an activity for intermediate students. 5 staff members were needed to facilitate the activity tables. All materials, directions, and signs were prepped and in labeled bins according to activity The Welcome and Prize tables were staffed by a teacher each. Prior to handing out prizes, the staff at the prize table also helped families check out EDM math Games. Of course, it wouldn't be a Family Night without food! A light dinner of sandwiches and chips was served in our lunch room. Several staff prepped dinner prior to Math Night. 2 staff were in the lunch room for the duration of the serving time. Families were greeted upon arrival at a welcome table. 37 families attended. They received information about the evening's activities and a pie graph to get stamped. After participating in each activity, families received a stamp on a pie graph. Once their pie graph was filled, they could redeem it for a prize. Parents were notified about Family Math Night through invitations with RSVPs, individual teacher newsletters, and our school website. Teachers were given the opportunity to sign up for their choice of activity. Leslie strong armed teachers who hadn't signed up to fill empty slots. What will we do differently next time? 1. Have more staff at each activity.
2. Consider the timing of food service and activities, although there does not seem to be an easy solution for this!
3. Make additions/adjustments to the menu.
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