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Digital Citizenship and the Filipino People

No description

dunzen quismundo

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship and the Filipino People

Advantages and


Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship
Helps us youths to gain more information in a specific lessons.
Due to social media, youths are more focus to such things and forget their responsibilitiy as a student.
refers to a person utilizing information technology (IT) in order to engage in society, politics, and government participation. K. Mossberger, et al. define digital citizens as "those who use the Internet regularly and effectively".
Importance of Digital
Group 3 PREZI Presentation
Digital Citizenship and the Filipino People
Dunzen Quismundo
Petronio Gesulga
Chrisly Rosales
Bethshebba Silverio
Jessa Flores
Archie Ruiz
Georgee Tan
Aradhelle Caparro
Mary Anne Malabo
Christopher Tamondong
Nico Pabilada
Ryan Sulteras

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Citizenship
Digital citizenship teaches students how to look out, select, and streamline information and how to
choose a real and authentic source of information.
Teach and value everyone the proper awareness of digital citizenship to avoid cyber-bullying and other circumstances
Today, with digitalization,
employers judge prospective students or employees for their social media profile. So, it is important to teach students how to create online personas that project positive and constructive image.
Digital Citizenship
Nine Elements
Digital Citizenship
People characterizing themselves as digital
citizens often use IT extensively, creating
blogs, using social networks, and
participating in online journalism
A recent survey revealed that teenager and
young adults spend more time on the
Internet than watching TV.Digital youth
can be generally viewed as the test
market for the next generation's digital
content and services. Sites such as
Twitter and Facebook have come to
the fore in sites where youth participate
and engage with others on the Internet.
Digital Access
full electronic participation
in society
Digital Health and Wellness
physical and psychological
well-being in digital world
Digital Responsibilities
those freedoms extended to everyone in digital world.
Digital Security
electronic precautions
to guarantee safety
Digital Literacy
teaching and learning
technology and its use
Digital Etiquette
electronic standards
of conduct and procedure
Digital Commerce
electronic buying or
selling of goods.
Digital Law
electronic responsibility
for actions and deeds
Digital Communication
electronic exchange of information
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