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Chemistry of Deodorant

No description

Cayley Hagaman

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Chemistry of Deodorant

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com How does deodorant work? Antiperspirants Antiperspirants are drugs that work to stop or reduce perspiration. Buy antiperspirants at your nearest Kroger's, Walmart, or Deo-Stop & Shop. Chemistry of Deodorant By: Cayley Hagaman Deodorant is a cosmetic applied to one's body. Usually applied to the armpits, as an antiperspirant. Human sweat is actually odorless. The smell
of sweat is actually caused by bacteria
building up in hot and humid places. Deodorants work to stop the growth
of bacteria that causes odors. This is
usually taken care of by antibacterial
chemical compounds, such as propylene
glycol or triclosan. Deodorants also use perfumes
and other scents to help mask odor. Aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorhydrate, and related aluminum compounds are the most widely used antiperspirants. These work because the Al3+ ion causes pores in the
skin to contract. Most deodorants use pore clogging techniques, even though it's unhealthy.
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