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07.02 Analyzing Exponential

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keiry keiry

on 11 December 2016

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Transcript of 07.02 Analyzing Exponential

07.02 Analyzing Exponential
Keiry Erazo
10 December 2016

Peer Evaluation and Myself and criteria
My partner, Hector Montalvo and I worked on solving this problem. He chose Juan and Krista while i chose Harrison and Anita.
My partner also met all the require criterias with a solid 10.
Evidence of work completed
Completed 12/9/2016
Our work individually

In this lesson I will use what I have learned about exponential functions to find out what happens if a social media post is shared publicly. In the collaboration portion of this assignment my partner and I each choose 2 student in the scenarios listed. We will see how social media spreads. In what form social media spreads the fasted and which way does it spread the slowest.
1. what did you enjoy most about working with others?
I liked how much easier it was because they explain it to me.
2. How did you and your team deal with conflict?
We asked our head of the tutoring club for help.
3.Do you feel others were happy with your participation?
Sure, my partner and i listened to each others comments and feedback.
4. what will you do different?
I don't think i would do anything differently, collaborations make things a lot easier.
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