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Professional Book Talk

Language & Literacy

Joveta S

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Professional Book Talk


Professional Book Talk
By: Joveta Sadasivam
Brief Summary
Quote #1:
Overall Philosophy:
Intended Audience
Area of Language Arts/Literacy
Surprises & Confusions
English Language Learners benefit from graphic organizers. Seeing the teacher fill them out as a class helps model for the student, and improve "control of the English language" (Cunningham and Allington, 177)
Shifts In My Thinking
This book shifted my understanding towards the importance of writing and reading being incorporated into every subject throughout the day.

By providing examples of how to incorporate different methods, the book has made me realize different methods and techniques I can apply to have more reading and writing in every subject I teach.
Defenses or Challenge
Developed As A Teacher
Quote #2:
Classrooms that Work:
They Can All Read and
Write (5th Edition)
Book Title
Patricia M. Cunningham
Richard L. Allington
Pearson; 5 edition (Jan. 6 2010)
ISBN-10: 0137048378
"The more you read, the better you will read. The better you read, the more you will read.
The more you write, the better you will write. The better you write, the more you will write. All our students -- struggling and achieving alike -- benefit from more! "
- (Cunningham & Allington, 203)

This quote demonstrates the importance of incorporating reading and writing across the curriculum into every subject taught throughout the day.

Professional Book Talk
By: Joveta S
"Reading aloud to your students from all different types of books and magazines is
your best tool for motivating independent reading." - (Cunningham & Allington, 27)
Re-Tell: Beach Ball
This quote is a great reminder, on the importance of creating the desire to read within our students. By reading to your students, you model the importance of reading a variety of texts for your students.

Concepts From The Text

The book provides various reading, writing, and
instructional techniques that are focused towards:
struggling and culturally diverse students

The book also provides many literacy methods
that can be used within the classroom

The book offers ways that teachers can:
Differentiate Instructions
Incorporate more reading and writing into
every subject throughout the day (Math, Science, etc.)
The main idea of this book is on the importance of encountering literacy more frequently in the classroom, as it helps students develop their reading and writing skills

Balanced comprehensive literacy instruction
Classrooms that work encourage:
Independent reading
Build the foundation for literacy
Fostering Fluency
Reading & Writing across the Curriculum
This book is intended for classroom teachers,
and educators

It provides different methods and reasons for
the importance of a balanced literacy program within a classroom

ESL Teachers - Provides tips for teaching "English Language Learners"
Classroom Teachers
Student Teachers/Education Students

Grades K - 6

We as teachers should always aspire to teach “more” writing and reading in every subject. The more frequently students encounter literacy, the better they become at their reading and writing skills.
Also by introducing students to different forms of texts, such as books and magazines, you build the foundations of engaged successful readers.

The book provides a vast amount of activities and methods that can be applied in a classroom.

The book also provides strategies on how to incorporate methods into a classroom so that students are engages and enthusiastic.
The activities range from whole group, independent, and small group.
Visual Examples of Activities
Information is inclusive of all students:
Accounts for a diverse classroom: In regards to students from low income, single parent families, and racial and ethnic minority groups

This book has helped me in many ways

Building Reading Fluency

Building Vocabularies
- For Reading & Writing

Comprehension Strategies
- For Reading

Writer’s Workshops
The book would benefit from incorporating findings and statistics on the effectiveness of the techniques provided.

There is also a lack of statistical data within the book.
In addition including case study examples would have made the book more effective.

"Tech-Savvy Teachers"

Throughout the book there are
boxes with suggestions and resources for:
"English Language Learners"
Story Maps
"Acting" the book

What they are reading is too hard
They read less
Teachers interrupt/corrects the student while the student is reading - Student then
becomes dependent

What should teachers do
instead of helping say the correct word? Also how can teachers encourage self correction?
Why some students struggle to read?
I would challenge the aspect of not providing children with the meaning of a word before a reading. The authors stress
the importance of knowing the meaning of vocabularies towards fluency and comprehension, yet leaves the meaning of the word till after.

The book provides many examples of activities yet does not provide reasoning behind why they would be effective.

An area of the book I agree with is the concept of modeling - Modeling both writing and reading to students

Taught me how to differentiate instructions for different types of learners

Importance of increasing student exposure to reading and writing
How to differentiate literacy
Ex. Through Literature Circles

This book helped develop my understanding of literacy, and I would strongly recommend this book to other teachers and educators.

As an educator I will incorporate the different techniques suggested by the book to help build literacy and language skills in every subject
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