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QSR Competitive Landscape

No description

Moriah Lark

on 7 July 2014

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Transcript of QSR Competitive Landscape

Domino's looks to connect with Hispanic consumers through sharing stories of Hispanic employees
focus on customer feedback, family meals

Digital: Spanish-language content (Quiénes somos los de Dominos?)

Social: None

Special Deals: "The Perfect Combo" -two medium one-topping pizzas, a 2-liter Coca-Cola-brand product, 16-piece order of Parmesan bread bites and 8-piece order of Cinna Stix

Key Takeaways: great deals that work as transaction drivers
Dunkin' Donuts:America Se Mueve Con Dunkin'
Story/Strategy: drive traffic to website, increase social media impressions, partnership with Univision creates music element

Social: hashtag with favorite picture for a chance to win tickets to a concert of choice

Digital: creative content, Artistas Frescos, alignment with World Cup through features of Hispanic soccer players

Media Spots: Spanish language content

Key Takeaways: all content is alignment with a great representation of the Subway brand

introduced La Familia Rojo with 3 kids, including a daughter with a non-Hispanic/non-Spanish speaking boyfriend
emphasize importance of family, quality food and striving for betterment, "Sabor de Verdad"

Social: Facebook content (Wendy's Latino, Nuevo Menu: Right Price, Right Size)

Digital: Spanish language website content

Media Spots: bilingual commercial content

Key Takeaways: puts an emphasis on family and represents a changing American demographic that targets current trends
Wendy's: Mucho Mejor
QSR Competitive Landscape
McDonalds: Me Encanta
KFC: Family Game Night

DD attempts to drive conversation and connect with consumers through the social media content

Digital: Spanish-language website content

Social: #MiDunkin

Media Spots: effective messaging that drive consumers to use social interaction

Key Takeaways: effective social media content, bilingual content campaign, perfect alignment with Dunkin Donut brand

rebrand McDonald's image to cater to Hispanic consumers, culture, grassroots and content elements

Me Encanta (Spanish website), Hacer (Grassroots), interactive games

creative content, alignment with World Cup, resonates with Hispanic music culture

Media Spots:
bilingual commercial content that is in alignment with Hispanic culture

Key Takeaways
: effective branding strategy, drives lots of interactive web traffic
Story/Strategy encourage the purchase of family meals by promoting "Family Game Night"

Social: #HowDoYouKFC

Digital: Spanish language website, unique story content

Media: none

Key Takeaways: drives larger transactions through family deals

celebrate life's spontaneous moments of all ages through bilingual content
Hispanic Chef: Laurena Garcia with Cantina Bell menu

Social: #LiveMas

Digital: Bell Blog

Media Spots: creative messaging

Key Takeaways: takes a unique approach with elements that get the attention of consumers and share content that attracts all ages, created menu items to appeal to Hispanic consumers, big hit with media during SuperBowl
Taco Bell: Live Más
Domino's: Pizza Turnaround
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