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ISTE 2010: Jump Start Your 21st Century Initiative

No description

Valerie Greenhill

on 8 July 2010

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Transcript of ISTE 2010: Jump Start Your 21st Century Initiative

21st Century Readiness How to get started? P21 Members What is the MILE Guide? Is our education system producing citizens who can succeed...

In an economy driven by innovation and knowledge?
In marketplaces engaged in intense competition and constant renewal?
In a world of tremendous opportunities and risks,
In a society facing complex business, political, scientific, technological, health and environmental challenges, and
In diverse workplaces and communities that hinge on collaborative relationships and social networking?

The biggest challenge is producing citizens who can thrive in such an economic environment. P21 State Leadership Initiative Why?
Identify where the district sits on the continuum of 21st century learning
Plan future progress
For who?
District leaders
Policymakers Why is it important? 2010 Critical Skills Survey (P21/AMA) Six Steps to
Build Momentum What does it look like? Curriculum & Instruction What does it look like? Education Leaders What does it look like? Catalina Foothills School District
Tucson, AZ Oak Hills Local School District
Cincinnati, Oh chesterfield county public schools
Chesterfield, VA 1. Get buy in 2. prioritize and teach skills
through core subjects and themes 3. Raise the Bar: Focus on Critical
Thinking and Problem Solving 4. Assess current status (MILE Guide) 5. Develop Implementation Plans 6. Collaborate for the Future Jump Start What it does best:
What it isn't:
Kathy Hurley, Pearson
Steve Andrews, Intel
Valerie Greenhill, P21 Your 21st Century
Skills Initiative Economics
Reading or Language Arts
World Languages
Core Subjects 21st Century Themes
Global Awareness
Financial, Economic, Business & Entrepreneurship Literacy
Civic Literacy
Health Literacy
Environmental Literacy
Learning & Innovation Skills
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Creativity & Innovation
Communication & Collaboration Information, Media & Technology Skills
Information Literacy
Media Literacy
ICT (Information, Communications & Technology) Literacy
Life & Career Skills
Flexibility & Adaptability
Initiative & Self-Direction
Social & Cross-Cultural Skills
Productivity & Accountability
Leadership & Responsibility Helps establish vision
Helps establish consensus
Generates strategic dialogue and planning Arizona
New Jersey
North Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Wisconsin Learn more and get started.



vgreenhill@eluminategroup.com Assessment Wait! Too much?
Try Online MILE Guide
www.p21.org/mileguide Also see the implementation steps - with examples - in the MILE Guide publication.
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