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Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violen

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Cameron Padilla

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violen

Dream On
by Eminem (rapper)
Amal Saleeby Malek, Ph.D wrote about explicit rap music in America and said, "Rap music illustrates "life in the hood"(poverty) and portrays the rappers true experiences and feelings. It depicts poverty, homelessness, unemployment, destitution, gang ties, cruelty, violence, home life and feelings of being prosecuted by police. Through their songs, rappers have been demonstrating what goes on in their lives.
To take away free speech is not only wrong but also against our own first amendment. To be told what we can say is what we Americans fought for. If you don't want to listen to explicit and violent music, then don't listen to it. If you don't want your kids to listen to that music then don't let them and set parental codes to what they can listen to or buy.
How many people in here like country music or a country song?
What if you wrote a poem about your life that got published for a lot of money. But what if the government said the poem is to explicit and violent and they said they were going to censor the words by replacing them or not allow you to publish it at all. How would you feel?
Should the government censor lyrics of songs that are violent or explicit?

Did you know country music is the highest rated suicidal music genre due to the divorce, violence, alcohol, poverty, and gun content in there lyrics.
This goes against the First Amendment and freedom of speech.
Free Speech- "the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference, " -Dictionary.com
The poem is based on
experiences in life but that is not okay for others to hear about it just because it was to violent or explicit?
What if the government took out the violent and explicit scenes out of your favorite action movie?
The government cant keep you from seeing violent and explicit stuff happening daily but doesn't want you to hear about it?
According to the Media Education Foundation the video game "Grand Theft Auto" caused aggression to all ages who played it.
Also 82% of America says that movies are to violent.
Music cant make you pick up a gun load it and kill with it.
Getting sued for what he raps about.
Raps for the kids that have felt alone like he did.
Tells the audience they have a chance to become something.
Think about this....
Solution: Rating System
Ages 0-8
No explicit, violent, or sexual content.
Ages 8-12
No explicit or sexual lyrics.
Some violent lyrics.
Ages 13-16
Some explicit, sexual, drug/alcohol oriented lyrics.
Some violent lyrics.
Ages 17+
Explicit, violent, sexual, and drug/alcohol oriented lyrics.
Having a simple rating system like movie theaters have for their movies is something iTunes or someone like them can implement this to help the audience know what to expect in the song.
This would help with the government not taking away freedom of speech from artists and replace it with age restricting ratings based on the age of the audience.
If we took this rating system approach on music like we do for movies, tv shows, and video games; then we could avoid situations like the one I just described.
Americans love to point the finger and not man up to the consequences. This system would point the finger back at the person listening to it or the parent allowing the kid to listen to the music.
In conclusion....
Explicit and violent lyrics make you more aggressive
Rating System
Gives audience a summary on what to expect in the lyrics.
Gives age restrictions for kids so the adults know what they should allow them to hear.
Keeps artists from getting sued or blamed for someones actions.
First Amendment
Free Speech-
the right of people to express their opinions publicly without governmental interference.
Artists are just talking about their lives and experiences through life.
People are going to listen to what they want.
Kids are going to find a way to listen to what they want.
America will still point their finger elsewhere.
Our society is violent and explicit cause its around us in real life and on T.V, movies, video games etc.
But having a rating system will help artists express their freedom of speech and also put blame back on people and their choice to listen to what they want to listen to or allow to be listened too.
If country music has the highest suicidal ratings why isn't it being attacked the way rap music is for it explicit and violent references?
Same with video games, movies, and tv shows; there is the same amount or even more violent, explicit, and sexual then music.
In the end.....
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