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Yr8 EBL Victorians

The Victorian era.

Mark Hodges

on 25 March 2010

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Transcript of Yr8 EBL Victorians

L.O; What do you know about the Victorians?
Outcome; Comment posted onto voicethread, and research about
the victorians.

D- Basic comment with some research.
P- Detailed comment informed by research.
M- Interesting comment which uses language in an informative

Starter; Find something to do with the victorians and post
to wallwisher; http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/eblvictorians

Tasks; You need to find out as much as possible to do with the
Victorians. Once you have found out some interesting information
Add a comment to the voicethread. You can add as many as you
want, but everyone has to add at least one!! Victorian buildings.
L.O; To create a victorian house with features.

DPM- see the task sheet. Aim; Research and debate an invention from the Victorian era, which you think is good.

D- Describe an invention and give basic argument as to why it was the best
P- Explain the invention in detail and argue constructively as to why it is the best.
M- Analyse the impact of the invention, and argue creatively about why it is good.

Starter; Complete the starter sheet.
Your tasks;

You need to look at the inventions sheet and use the web links in there.
Choose a Victorian invention and complete the invention sheet depending on your level.

You have to use your invention to explain how it has changed life and made an impact on society.
You will then be involved in an assessed debate with 2 others.
For this you need to write out a script to use that allows you to argue that your chosen invention is the best!! L.O; Create a puppet show that shows your knowledge of the victorian era.

You will produce a form of puppet show to get across your knowledge of the era.
You could do;
Glove puppets/ stick puppets/ stop annimation/ something of your choice.

You have until Thursday to complete this, and you will then perform the show on Thursday p.5. This will be filmed and will count as your final assessment along with your storyboard and script. You must work in pairs and must work with someone who you have not worked with so far this year.
If you don't do this, i will put you into your pairs.
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