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Loyalist Prezi

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Brett Bolander

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Loyalist Prezi

What did the Loyalists do during the war?
How were Loyalists persecuted by Patriots?
What did the Loyalists do after the war?
In the Revolutionary War
Did the Loyalists fight in the army for the British?
Some Loyalists during the war fled to Canada. They fled because of persecution from the patriots. Most of them fled to Nova Scotia because it was easily accessible from the sea. They colonized New Brunswick in 1784. Some also fled to upper Canada. Benedict Arnold's wife was a secret Loyalist and told Arnold it was time to quit the American side of the Revolution. Benedict Arnold betrayed George Washington and joined the British side. There was a Loyalist Militia.
Yes, in a way, they would fight alongside the British. They fought with the British in Concord & Lexington, they fought with the in Canada when Josiah eddy tried to take over the fort and claim it for America. In New York when William Howe landed troops in Long Island, they fought with the British and drove out the patriots from New York.
After the war, many loyalists kept their heads down and made peace with the United States. For some, that wasn't an option, so they chose to flee America. Most of the Loyalists that fled went to Canada. Land in what is now New Brunswick was given to many groups of loyalists including The Pennsylvania Loyalists, the King's American Dragoons, The Orange Rangers and a few others. Other Loyalists settled in Nova Scotia and Quebec
The End
Loyalists got their property confiscated, and some were even tarred and feathered. They were sometimes forced out of the colonies. Money was also confiscated from them. Most Loyalists avoided this by moving to Canada But the ones who lied low and waited through the war only got persecuted a little. In some cases, Loyalists were not hurt at all during the war from Patriots.
What did the Loyalists do outside the war?
Some served as politicians, others philosophers, some even worked n steamships. Others were physicians, lawyers, inventors, and leaders of post offices. Some Loyalists were naturalists. Some Loyalists spent all their time in the war as generals. But almost everyone had a life outside of the war.
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