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Joseph Haydn

No description

Sue Sharkey

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Joseph Haydn

Joseph Haydn 1732 -1809 (Austrian)
Symphony no. 1 in D major 1793/4

9th of 12 'London' Symphonies

The Clock Symphony

2nd movement out of 4
Classical orchestra
2 flutes
2 oboes
2 clarinets
2 bassoons
2 horns
2 trumpets
2 timpani (tuned to tonic and dominant)
1st violins
2nd violins
double bass
orchestra plan
Transposing instruments
Some instruments have their music written in a key other than the sounding key. This means their key signatures will be different to other non-transposing instruments.In this symphony, the transposing instruments are:
clarinets in A, sounding a minor third lower than written.
horns in D, sounding a minor seventh lower than written.
trumpets in D, sounding a tone higher than written.
If a clarinet sees a C...it plays an A

If a Horn sees a C ...it plays a D

If a trumpet sees a C... it plays a D
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