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No description

Julia Borthwick

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Sistar

Sistar Four members: DASOM BORA SOYU HYORIN DASOM Dasom is the maknae of Sistar -
the youngest member. She was born May 6, 1993,
and is currently 19. She was 17 when the group
debuted. Dasom has a reputation of being super
cute! BORA Bora is the oldest member of
Sistar. She is the rapper of the
group, as well as the main dancer. Bora is very athletic. She's
also the face of the group! She recently turned 23. SOYU Soyu is the lead vocalist of Sistar. She's rather overshadowed by the amazing Hyorin, but recognition of her talent is growing! She is the second youngest member
of the group, and currently the
least popular. She's also my bias :) HYORIN Hyorin is the leader and
main vocalist of Sistar. She is the most popular member
and is widely acknowledged as the
greatest singer in kpop. Hyorin originally auditioned
into JYP, but ended up
switching to Starship Entertainment SISTAR19 SISTAR19 is Sistar's subunit Consisting of elder members Hyorin
and Bora, Sistar19 debuted in 2011 -
just around a year after the whole
group was introduced to the kpop
scene. Sistar19 first debuted with their digital
single "Ma Boy" "Ma Boy" was one of the most popular singles of 2011. The subgroup recently made a comeback with an EP, promoting their song "Gone Not Around Any Longer" "Gone..." won music shows and topped music charts for four weeks - longer than any Sistar release so far. TIMELINE Let's take a look at a timeline of
Sistar's releases! PUSH PUSH In June of 2010, Sistar debuted with a catchy, fast-paced
single called "Push Push". Check out the music video below! Their debut was followed
by the promotion of their
B-sides - "We Never Go Alone"
and the OST "Chronos Soul". WE NEVER GO ALONE: CHRONOS SOUL SHADY GIRL Sistar now adopts a more cutesy girl concept in their first comeback, "Shady Girl". Sistar says that it was awkward for them to act all girly, but they pulled it off pretty well. :) The song is about a girl who pretends to be something
that she isn't to try to please her boyfriend. SHADY GIRL HOW DARE YOU At the very end of this successful year, Sistar has one last release! This song, called "How Dare You" is the title track for their third single album. MA BOY Finally, Sistar19 has arrived! The subunit formed
unusually early, but was a great success! SO COOL Sistar drops their first full album later that year, led by the title track: "So Cool" HOT PLACE ALONE Alone was Sistar's first release of 2012 and a huge success. Their first take on a sexy concept resulted in an AMAZING song, winning music shows for a personal record of 3 weeks. LOVING U In June 2012, Sistar made a comeback in a bright, bubbly summer single. The song resulted in a huge boost in their already rapidly rising popularity, winning the #2 spot on Allkpop's 2012 Rankings and #1 on the end of year Korean Billboard Awards. GONE... It is January of 2013, and Sistar19 is making their long-awaited comeback with "Gone, Not Around Any Longer".
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